We been busy looking for better ways of improving the over all experience to many of our tools and we recently just launched a new website which is already using our new clean map search tool.

We have taken the approach of making all that data and information pertaining to properties clean and modern looking.  This is one of the many enhancement you should find on various of our customers websites over the next couple of weeks.

Below are some screen shoots of these new looks and we hope that over the next few weeks we get to roll them out to our already existing customers websites.

Other tools and utilities that will be receiving new fresh looks are but not limited to:

  • Search Forms
  • MLS Search Results Pages.
  • Notification Services
  • Listing Website Pages
  • Interactive Responsive MLS Stats Data
  • and much more.

We hope to post these changes as we make them live on customer websites.   Below are some great screen shots of the new Interactive map search pages.

Map Search Luxury Portfolio

Map Search Miami Luxury Portfolio

We recently did some upgrades and update to our Miami Beach Homes website for Urban Resource.  This was a project that was in need of an update due to technological changes in the industry and specifically we wanted to make the website more relevant to the Mobile Market.   Consumers who are on the move and are looking for a better way of searching and experiencing and consuming a more mobile experience, hence the recent upgrade to Urban Resource.

This was a fun project in which we incorporated all our little tricks into one website.  From a very modern advance menu system that incorporate touch sensitivity from a device, to cleverly showing and displaying to the user what is most relevant information on their device.   Today’s website required us to ensure that the user has a full rich experience no matter the device they use to interact with the website.   If the user wants or needs to consume your website the experience needs to be relevant to them no matter the device they use.  That’s why we made great efforts in ensuring the menu system was as responsive to touch as it was adaptive to the device.

We invite you to visit our Miami Beach Real Estate Office at Urban Resource and experience their brand new website.

urban resource

Google recently changed their Google’s map in favor of a new way of doings things.   While it’s nice it has also stepped away from some of the used features on users and tucked them away in favor of other new features, such as collaborating and sharing maps with friends via Google+.

So if you’re looking to embed or place a map of a location on your website using the new Google Maps here are the steps you need in order to accomplish what you need.

First head over to the Google’s map and search for the address or location you want to embed on your website.

Once you plot or search for the address and it’s visible to you on the map click on the “Settings”  looks like a little Gear.  Then choose “Share and embed map”.  You will see this little GEAR towards the bottom right of the page.

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Finally, select that tab that reads “Embed Map” and choose the appropriate map size you want to place on your website.   If the sizes offer do not work for you simply modify the “width” and “height” attributes of the URL provided by Google to make your own custom sizes.

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This short guide on how to embed a google map on your website should help you now to get what you need on your website.



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Condo Market Watch Notification Tool

Jun 04, 2012 by GOIDX LLC

We are happy to announce the launch of the the Condo Market Watch.   Condo Market Watch let’s you get daily email notification for any new listings in a particular condo building in South Florida.    You no longer need to create complicated MLS searches to get new daily notifications of a new listing in a condo building.  Simply select the condo you are most interested in following and receive a daily report of any new listings that come to market.

You can see the new feature in action and live in various of our client websites:


Incase you did not catch it today, it was a pretty funny what Google Did with regards to April Fools.   They created a page that told users about a new technology known as Google’s Motion, which can be used with your video camera to capture your gestures to compose emails, reply to emails and send off your emails with just simple body motions.

The page even had some funny commentary on “experts” in the field to backup the charismatic individual who was pushing for the user to go ahead and try Google’s Motion.  I wonder how many individuals fell for Google’s April fools this year and thought for a second that this new technology was available for end users to help with their ease in replying to emails and composing emails to Google’s Motion.


Home Page for Google Motion


The Very create page that leads to believe Google Motion is a Real Product


Suggestions of the Algorithm that makes Google Motion Work


Actions you can take to make Google Motion work for you within Gmail.

Go ahead and try Google’s Motion Today and see if it can help you on this day :)


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We would like to share on these exciting miami beach real estate website by David Glick.   David, has been with us for a while and is using our South Florida IDX technology to help him with his Miami Beach Real estate.   David’s website which covers all Miami Beach and South Beach can be found at http://davidglickrealtor.com.   The South Beach real estate market now has another great tool available to all consumers in miami beach who want or need of a local miami beach realtor.

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The Setai Condo Miami Website

Mar 04, 2011 by GOIDX LLC

The Setai is a beautiful Miami Beach Building and we just finished the launch of another beautiful website to inform and help consumers get the best condo information regarding the Setai at Miami beach.   If you want to learn more about the setai check out this website that has all the information you would need about the setai.

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Advance Realty Miami a local RE/MAX office recently launched their new website to consumers in the local south florida market.   The New Re/MAX Real estate website is located at advancerealtymiami.com.  The website is gorgeous and beautiful to navigate and easy to find the right information.  I invite you to check out Advance Realty’s new website and see for yourself how nice this site really is.


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