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Feb 27, 2016 by GOIDX LLC

Recently we launched a series of projects that involved the community of Schenley Park.  Schenley Park Miami is small community with in Miami-Dade County and for a long while we were presented with the challenge of making a website for this community.  This just like any other community with in Miami-Dade is a vibrant community of homes that are located in a area of Miami which offers Residential Owners great opportunities for living close to Downtown Coral Gables.

The community website is a marketing community project to help local residents keep abreast of the homes for sale with in Schenley Park.  While the website offer consumer a way to see residential sales, also available to them is an interactive community map with all the homes with in Schenley Park.

We invite you to see and use the Schenley Park Miami Website and let us know what you think.  Looking forward to the growth of this website and others alike.



We been busy looking for better ways of improving the over all experience to many of our tools and we recently just launched a new website which is already using our new clean map search tool.

We have taken the approach of making all that data and information pertaining to properties clean and modern looking.  This is one of the many enhancement you should find on various of our customers websites over the next couple of weeks.

Below are some screen shoots of these new looks and we hope that over the next few weeks we get to roll them out to our already existing customers websites.

Other tools and utilities that will be receiving new fresh looks are but not limited to:

  • Search Forms
  • MLS Search Results Pages.
  • Notification Services
  • Listing Website Pages
  • Interactive Responsive MLS Stats Data
  • and much more.

We hope to post these changes as we make them live on customer websites.   Below are some great screen shots of the new Interactive map search pages.

Map Search Luxury Portfolio

Map Search Miami Luxury Portfolio

We at GOIDX specialized in understand our Customer needs and the Market needs of our community, that why we are happy to have collaborated with Irina Kim Sang — A Coldwell Banker Realtor who operates and runs   The project was launched more than two years ago and it was setup in anticipation of the market that we have Today.   Miami For Russian is a website that is tailor to help Foreign investors invest and live in Miami and surrounding communities.    We have done numerous other projects in various other languages as well — from Spanish, Mandarin and Russian, and this one was one that we were extremely excited to have launched very early on.

Miami for Russian Foreign Investors

In Miami we are a very extremely diverse community and we have amongst one the most diverse cultural groups in the country.  Everyone enjoys and loves to be part of a great vibrant city and nothing is further from the truth than seen how Miami has enjoyed this great diversification of people and culture.   We knew very early on that creating Miami for Russian to help foreign buyers see information and search information in their natural language was important to them, so we were right on target and early in deploying this project.    We now see how the collaboration has helped foreign buyers better see Real Estate Data, but has also helped our customer better engage their customers too.

The project is all translated so that it can be properly indexed in Yandex and other Russian speaking search engines including Google’s very own Russian Search engine.   We have placed the website closer to the customer and that has allowed for it to grow organically and efficiently over the past two years.   We think this was perfect timing in the collaboration of this project with Irina, and we are looking forward to what is next in terms of what the Miami Real Estate Market is doing with foreign buyers Today.   So, if you’re only considering a website in English, you should perhaps look into and get closer to your customers if they first choice of language is not English.

You can learn more about Miami Russian foreign buyers and Miami for Russians by visiting our client website at   If you are interested in a website to best meet or exceed the demands of foreign investors in Miami or South Florida, speak to one of our sales agent Today and don’t miss this great opportunity.

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Russian Condos

The March Madness blog competition

Mar 17, 2014 by GOIDX LLC
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March Madness

In an effort of good fun and competition we are asking for your participation and join us for our 1st Annual March Madness Blog Competition.   We want to encourage the participation of your content creation and growth of your business by holding a competition in March — during the same time period as the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness Tournament.  If you’re not aware of what March Madness is — It’s simply a college competition amongst all the schools — 68 schools to be exact that compete with each other in a one game elimination tournament to name the best college basketball team that year.   It’s an extremely competitive tournament that has lots of heartbreak and drama but most importantly the recognition of being #1.

Our Blog Madness  Tournament is the competition amongst all our clients and our office to compete on who can produce the highest number of quality blog articles during the course of the tournament.    We want to promote the grow of your business and in doing so we are going to award prizes at the end of the tournament to those who participated in our tournament.   We are going to outline some simple rules to the tournament for the articles of information to qualify.

Blog Madness Rules and Requirements

In order for your articles to count during the month of March in our Blog Madness you must follow these rules as outlined:

  1. Article must at least contain 300 words.    (Not including quoted information from other sources).  The article topic is open (open house, new listing, new construction, real estate news) — But please no copy and paste article. If you copy and paste you will be disqualified.
  2. The Article has to have been created during the tournament.   March 18th thru April 7th 2014.
  3. The article has to be submitted and shared to at least one social media website.
  4. The article has to be part of your Website.  (Your blog).

Blog Madness Tournament Elimination Rules and Deadlines

Since March madness requires that certain teams get eliminated from competition, we are also going to enforce the rules as well and eliminate customers from advancing during our tournament.     If you don’t meet the requirements by a certain date then you will be eliminated from the competition.   So, please pay attention to these important dates:

Tournament Starts March 18th 2014  by the dates indicated below you must have at least a minimum amount of articles as indicated below to continue in the tournament.  The deadlines is Midnight of the day indicated below to get in your submissions.

  • March 21st – Must have at least (2) Article.
  • March 26th – Must have at least (5) Articles.
  • March 29th – Must have at least (8) Articles.
  • April 2nd – Must have at least (12) Articles.
  • April 6th – Must have at least (15) Articles.

There is a total of 20 DAYS in which you have to do at least 15 Articles to be in the championship round.   The championship round which we think few will make it to, will be the day we will judge the competition and determine who made the biggest effort to increase the wealth of their own website by providing good quality articles and did as the rules indicated.

Awards for the Blog Madness

So for your efforts and encouragement of participating with us during our March Blog Madness we are going to awards some gifts to the individuals who participated.

The awards are described below based on placement:

  1. First Place will receive a FREE Building Website (hosting fees not included).
  2. 2nd Place will get 50% off hosting fees for 6 months.
  3. 3rd Place will receive a brand spanking new 7″ Android Nexus Tablet.

We are please to announce the launch of a new website for our client.   The Rent Dadeland project was created for consumer’s who are interested in living in an area of South Florida that is growing and vibrant.   Downtown Dadeland is composed of several buildings that allow consumers to live in near conveniences of  urban living. offers customers the ability to quickly and efficiently find a rental in this area.


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Dadeland Apartment Rentals

Our client asked us to help them build a website that they can use as well when they meet with clients and made it easier to share and collaborate in the search for rentals in dadeland.   The project is just focused on Rentals in Dadeland and a customer can view inventory based on several criteria’s.   We incorporated the most frequent types of searches that can be done for Dadeland and that of most interest to most consumers.

Renting an Apartment in dadeland is extremely simple with this new website, because the information is nicely organized by bedrooms, newest available rentals, pets requirements, furnished or unfurnished apartments.   There is also rental history so that consumers can get an idea as to what the market in dadeland is demanding for rentals, We hope to continue to grow this project and incorporate more customer friendly features for our client.

While the main focus of the website are four primary buildings:

consumers can view all the other buildings that are around the area as well, from Kings Creek and all nearby Homes, Town homes and Condos.  This was a fun project and we are looking forward to growing the website with new functionality and features for consumers to enjoy when search for a rental in Dadeland.



One of our most frequently asked question by our customers is — how do you increase visibility of your real estate website.  The answer maybe simpler than you think and it’s actually quite easy to do and follow, but most people never really like our answer to the question, they prefer we did not even say it, because it’s a scary concept to grasp, but will outline for you why this is the real answer and why we don’t sugar coat it to our customers.

The cold hard facts about any given website in any industry, weather you’re doing Real Estate in Miami or doing e-commerce or trying promote your business is actually doing the work.   There is no secret formular or special tactics or magic that is going to propel your website from the back of the row to the very first position of google.   Yes, often time we hear the Search Engine experts dispute this argument about how and what they know will get you to the top of page on google or any search engine.  But, what they know is how to try to find shortcuts to cheating a computer to achieve this, to then at the very end have your website go from top of the line to the end of the line.

You see the most valuable thing you have is a domain name.  That is your domain name that you paid for $12/year to have the rights to use this name.   Now how do you add value to your name?  Well, the answer is simple,  you have to actually provide knowledge or be willing to share with others what you know about your product or services with anyone, without asking for anything in return except that they value your information.

You ask, why would I spend hours giving up my time so that someone could just come and take this from me.  All my hard work and effort so, that someone else can benefit from what I do.   Well, the answer is quite simple, you actually get rewarded with your hard work and that is in the form of people sharing what you had to say with others freely.  That’s the real magic in making anything you do on a website become relevant and stick around for a long time.  Meaning that’s how you get placement and hardly ever do you get bumped down to the end of the line.

You see, sometimes your competitors have been doing this well enough for a long time that they have in a way earned the right to be up there.  So, lets pretend that you just started in the business.  Take for example the position of you doing tons of hours of research, lots of hours of pounding over mls data as a Realtor, to then one day publicize and share your information with the world or in this case your local peers or potential customers, to then quickly realize that another person came and took this information from you so, that they could in turn put it on their website.  Because let’s face it, it’s extremely simple to copy and paste now in days and that only requires a second of my time to do so.

So, the argument becomes— Wow! that guy really did a nice job, you know thanks buddy for putting all this information together for me, I will just take it and place it on my website.  Would you considered what this person did to be fair?  Should they get fair treatment because they took your hard work and placed it on their website?

The answer is simple, — There is no treatment for taking other people’s work —  why would they get any credit since it took them 10 minutes to take it from you, when it took you hours if not days to put it together?  —  This is why Google and other search engine treat your information with value, so that when someone takes what you put many hours of work into as resourceful and treat it fairly, to give you ample opportunity for you to share this information freely without the fear that someone would take credit for your hard work.

The point of my story is that yes, your hard work is rewarded and if you try to take shortcuts by taking other people’s information from their domains and placing it on yours, you’re actually hurting yourself and helping them with the cause.   So, always think about how your might be taking shortcuts when you take information that is out there and just placing it on your domain. .

We have been in this industry for more than 16+ years, and I have seen in my time many websites rise and many fall, but if you are to move your website from the back of the line to the front of the line, you have to see and look for your opportunities in the form of what is lacking from your competitors and try to fill in that void that they’re not meeting.   It’s impossible to ask of Google or any search engine to take what you started to contribute and place you ahead of the line, over someone how has been doing it for quite some time. Well, there is a way and that’s to pay google with advertising monies, but to be fair they may take you to the front of the line without monies if your information is worth and is of value to someone and those people enjoy or like your information, because in the end Google and other search engines goal is to pair the right or best answer with the question.


Condo Market Watch Notification Tool

Jun 04, 2012 by GOIDX LLC

We are happy to announce the launch of the the Condo Market Watch.   Condo Market Watch let’s you get daily email notification for any new listings in a particular condo building in South Florida.    You no longer need to create complicated MLS searches to get new daily notifications of a new listing in a condo building.  Simply select the condo you are most interested in following and receive a daily report of any new listings that come to market.

You can see the new feature in action and live in various of our client websites:


Swire Properies made an announcement today on SFBJ that plans to begin construction of   $1.05 Billion dollar project known as CitiCentre  and is set to begin in June and expected to generate about 1,700 new jobs for Brickell during it’s construction phase and create more than 3,500 permanent jobs in brickell after it’s scheduled completion in

The project is perhaps one of the biggest projects that will be under development in Brickell.  The CitiCentre is going to be approximately 2.4 million square feet and is twice the size of already existing Dolphin Mall.

CitiCentre will consit of five buildings which include, retail shops, 800 condominium units, 243 hotel rooms, office towers, 93 serviced apartments and an underground parking garage which is schedule to take two years to complete.

This is a very exiting project and if you want to live in heart of Brickell this is perhaps a nice project to jump in when it becomes available.   Pricing for units and availability is not yet available, but if you like to receive this information as soon as it becomes public subscribe to our blog so that you can be notified of this exiting project in Brickell or simply fill out the form below:

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In an effort to increase the tools for our real estate clients, we are happy to have release some new themes for 2012 for our single listing website pages.  The single listing website allows you to easily create a website for any listing.   Creating a single website for a listing is extremely simple with our tools, all you need to provide is an MLS number and all the information is pre-populated for you, thus saving you time.

When we set out to build this project back in 2009, we were thinking about the future and how this tool can help you better market your listings.  Sellers’ love our single listing website because it allows them to see how you market their individual properties.  A typical single listing website includes:  Listing Information – Remarks, Amenities, Year Built, Address, Price, Availability, Photographs, Neighborhood Information, Map Location, Animated Virtual Tours, Social Media Sharing Tools, Your contact Information and much more.   Below is one of our sample screen shots for a single listing page website for 2012.

You can view a sample of a single listing website at   What’s great about these single listing websites is that they allow you to create your own domain such as  Having a single listing website will help you in your marketing efforts and keep your sellers happy.  Since importing a listing to a single listing website is extremely simple, we have taken the headaches of managing things.  If the listing is Active in the MLS, we will continue to update the information for you, so that you don’t have to worry.   Even if you don’t have your listing in the MLS you can always use our single listing page tool to create a website for any listing.

If you are a Broker or Agent and would like to use this product head over to and sign-up today.  Our prices are extremely competitive an we offer bulk discounts for brokers who are looking for a single listing website solution for their organization.


We are excited to announce that will be working closely with Penthouselife™ — a leader in bringing you exclusive penthouses for sale through out the country.   Penthouselife™.com was created and envisioned by their creators to showcase all the beautiful penthouses throughout the country.

We are pleased to have been brought into the team to help and extend the website even further.   Some of the beautiful interior designs were done by Steven G and they look amazing.  Below are some screenshot of this website and we hope that in collaboration with Penthouselife™ we can take the website further in 2012.