Godaddy is a company that offers multiple services to customers from domain registration, hosting, email, online storage and a whole lot of sort of products and services.   If you buy services from Godaddy and you are only using them for their affordable domain registration prices, then you can purchase other services from other vendors.   You can use their Godaddy’s Domain DNS Services to re-direct your other services for your domain to other vendors.

One use of Godaddy is to purchase the domain registration with them and then ask a hosting company to provide you with the services of a website or email.   We for example, recommend to our customers to use Google for Email services and to use Godaddy for domain registration and our customers use us for Website Services (Hosting).

Below we will walk you through the process of using Godaddy’s DNS services to redirect your web services needs to another vendor.

The first thing you need to do is gain access to your Account on Godaddy.  Once you are logged in you want to proceed and click on “launch” under the “Domains” page as indicated in the image below:

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Once you have launched the list of all your domain.  You want to locate the domain you want to change the services for.   By simply selecting the domain name as indicated below:

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At this point you will be presented with all the current information about this particular domain.  From here you want to go ahead and click on “Edit” under the “DNS Zone File.

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The DNS File is a record of your domain name.  This file is responsible for letting other computers in the world know where your particular services reside.   For example your email services can be sent to Google and your website to another vendor.  You can even create a sub domain for your domain for test purposes.   You can learn more about sub domains on godaddy by visiting our Continue Reading.

The final part in this process it to enter the “IP Address” of the hosting company’s server that will be hosting your website services.  In this case you will enter our hosting servers IP Address or as instructed by our staff.

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You will click on where it read “points to” and enter the IP Address as instructed by your hosting company.   The simply click on “Save Zone File”.

With these four simple steps you have been able to now request that your hosting services be sent to a third party company other than Godaddy.

The default IP Address you see on there prior to the change is provided by Godaddy.   These pages are simple and are usually served up with advertisement by the company to generate additional revenue on behalf of your domain registrations.

We usually recommend that if you purchase lots of different domain names for whatever reason, that you make your own landing pages and generate your own advertising revenue versus Godaddy.

If you want the short short version of these steps you can follow the video below:

 Setting up DNS Entry the short version

Login to the following Website: http:///
Select the domain name you want to modify and modify the entry in the “point to” and enter the new IP Address of your hosting company, then click on Save Zone File.