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Feb 27, 2016 by GOIDX LLC

Recently we launched a series of projects that involved the community of Schenley Park.  Schenley Park Miami is small community with in Miami-Dade County and for a long while we were presented with the challenge of making a website for this community.  This just like any other community with in Miami-Dade is a vibrant community of homes that are located in a area of Miami which offers Residential Owners great opportunities for living close to Downtown Coral Gables.

The community website is a marketing community project to help local residents keep abreast of the homes for sale with in Schenley Park.  While the website offer consumer a way to see residential sales, also available to them is an interactive community map with all the homes with in Schenley Park.

We invite you to see and use the Schenley Park Miami Website and let us know what you think.  Looking forward to the growth of this website and others alike.



We recently did some upgrades and update to our Miami Beach Homes website for Urban Resource.  This was a project that was in need of an update due to technological changes in the industry and specifically we wanted to make the website more relevant to the Mobile Market.   Consumers who are on the move and are looking for a better way of searching and experiencing and consuming a more mobile experience, hence the recent upgrade to Urban Resource.

This was a fun project in which we incorporated all our little tricks into one website.  From a very modern advance menu system that incorporate touch sensitivity from a device, to cleverly showing and displaying to the user what is most relevant information on their device.   Today’s website required us to ensure that the user has a full rich experience no matter the device they use to interact with the website.   If the user wants or needs to consume your website the experience needs to be relevant to them no matter the device they use.  That’s why we made great efforts in ensuring the menu system was as responsive to touch as it was adaptive to the device.

We invite you to visit our Miami Beach Real Estate Office at Urban Resource and experience their brand new website.

urban resource

We often are asked by potential clients the cost of having a real estate website, to which we respond the cost is anything you want it to be.   In any business regardless of what you do on the online world is as competitive if not more competitive than a traditional brick and mortar business.  When we say that to establish any online website it’s a long road and it’s often a tedious road we mean that a lot goes into how a website is built.   We are going to outline some of our most frequently asked questions we get in our Real Estate industry and what you can learn on how to move ahead on the online digital market.   Regardless, of the industry you participate in the same principals apply when it comes to an online website.

If you ever operated any business you know that it’s a tedious process and long process that often requires longs hours of work.   As a Real Estate Agent, you basically wear all the hats in the business and you have to do pretty much all the things required of any business.  So how do you stay competitive when there is so little of you to go around?   Some Agents an do this extremely well, while others often or barely wear more than the sales person hat.   It’s a industry that rewards are great if the business goes well and terrible when business is not so well.   It’s often an industry in which you have lots of small cycles of  within one year.   A business is often a combination of the offline world, the non-digital world and the online world, which only exist in the world wide web.   What you decide is your path to your business is determined by your own Business Plan and your own path to success or failure.   It’s specific to each individual and how you reach your own individual goals for your own business is determine by your efforts either offline or online.    We are going to outline what are the similarities in the offline world to the digital world and how you can begin to understand why the digital online world is as competitive if not more competitive than the brick and mortar model.   These are our findings after many years of working with and helping our clients grow their digital business.

Getting your website the online exposure it deserves

The challenge of any website regardless of the business is getting exposure.   The same can be said of a business that is located in a particular shopping center.   Yes, it’s true that a website has world wide exposure and that anyone with a computer or smart phone can view your business, but to get this exposure requires lots of effort and not to mention the help of the search engines to get you this exposure.    The internet is an extremely young industry that is only 25 years old in comparison you have businesses that have been around for more than 100 Years.    These brick and mortar business as they are often referred to have endured lots of business cycles and lots of ups and downs in the economy.  Some have survived while others simply disappear and to be never be seen again.   So, what do we mean by exposure?   When you open a store and for example you have a store in already extremely successful and super busy intersection or the location your business if bound to get many many eyes without very much from your part —  That means you have chosen an extremely great location and it helped you tremendously in the efforts of exposure.    The similarities of this to a websites, is when you choose an extremely easy domain name.   But, the likely hood that you will get a really good domain 25 years later is probably harder.   We are not saying the possibilities are not there but you get the point.   That you have to now choose a name 25 years later, when lots of people in the industry have been doing it for a while.  We don’t think you should get so hung up on a domain name, because if you’re not able to get what you’re looking for you’re going to be heart broken.

The already established business is an already existing competitor

So, now you found the right place or rather the right domain name in which you plan to grow your business, but you quickly realize that someone already has a much more clever easier to remember domain name, because the one you wanted was not available.    The same is true, if your wanted to open a business in the same street where someone has been doing business for 15 years for example,  you’re going to have to figure out how to get some attention as well and compete for those customers.    This is so extremely true of any online website, except you are no longer competing with the local street business but rather or potentially more companies with more streets involved.     We are not saying that it’s easy to compete, but just because you got a domain name it does not mean you are not going to face competition from already established website.   We think it’s an extremely difficult problems for search engines to solve, because just anyone can launch a website and go into business — so the search engine has to decide who is to receive the most exposure.    We’re not going to get into the extensive details of how or why the search engine is your friend or your worst enemy,   What we going to instead concentrate is on the value that the new website should provide from already existing website.   This is the most important aspect of any new website, and to determine this you really have to look deep and research this profoundly, if you ever want your online business to have a chance.  So consider “value” for a website to have any real chance at success regardless of the domain name.

The cost to compete on the World Wide Web for consumers

There is a cost to any business when it comes to acquiring any potential customer, weather you do this offline (mortar/brick) or online.  The question that we often ask our customers to determine for themselves, what is the cost you’re willing to pay for this if any.   Some customers, have no interest in attaining any business online, and they merely do it just to keep a face or brand exposed.   While other’s who want the exposure will have to determine what this cost is.   Remember what we said earlier, that some of these online business have been operating for many years now, so there was an initial cost and continuous cost to keep that business going all these years.

Will take a simple example, if you had a traditional Brick and Mortars business, you may likely have events, marketing materials made, new product announcements or a growth in a particular community that lead you to get more new customers.    The business grows over a period of time and now the brick and mortar location has a steady flow of customers because it has been out there for a while, and you as a small business owner have done many other things to help it grow.    This is the same of an online business, the same principals apply and if someone has been out there for many years now and has had exposure the chance that they added or contributed something for it grow and now the website has “value”.   So, to go back to the original question — What are you willing to pay for your website to compete with someone who has been doing it for longer than you have?


In Summary — We just outline some of the similarities between an online business and a traditional brick and mortar business.   These are some essential points to understand if you’re are new the online business realm and things you should consider when opening an online website.    The business online and offline share similarities an often time one has a higher cost than the other, and it really depends on your specific industry.   The online industry is still new and still growing industry and we think that the online business is a compliment as to what you do offline.    Don’t get caught up in the domain name, but always think about the value of the website, so that you can distinguish yourself from an already crowded market place.   Evaluate the competition and determine the cost for you business to grow online, to catch up or outpace your competitors.   There was an initial cost to an already existing website and it likely has had many things done over the year to add value, that can’t be seen unless you been following or watching them for many years.    The most important thing is not to wait another 25 years if you plan to be in any business now or in the future, because before you know it the digital world maybe the predominant market place for all things and brick and mortars would just be complimentary to online business.

The March Madness blog competition

Mar 17, 2014 by GOIDX LLC
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March Madness

In an effort of good fun and competition we are asking for your participation and join us for our 1st Annual March Madness Blog Competition.   We want to encourage the participation of your content creation and growth of your business by holding a competition in March — during the same time period as the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness Tournament.  If you’re not aware of what March Madness is — It’s simply a college competition amongst all the schools — 68 schools to be exact that compete with each other in a one game elimination tournament to name the best college basketball team that year.   It’s an extremely competitive tournament that has lots of heartbreak and drama but most importantly the recognition of being #1.

Our Blog Madness  Tournament is the competition amongst all our clients and our office to compete on who can produce the highest number of quality blog articles during the course of the tournament.    We want to promote the grow of your business and in doing so we are going to award prizes at the end of the tournament to those who participated in our tournament.   We are going to outline some simple rules to the tournament for the articles of information to qualify.

Blog Madness Rules and Requirements

In order for your articles to count during the month of March in our Blog Madness you must follow these rules as outlined:

  1. Article must at least contain 300 words.    (Not including quoted information from other sources).  The article topic is open (open house, new listing, new construction, real estate news) — But please no copy and paste article. If you copy and paste you will be disqualified.
  2. The Article has to have been created during the tournament.   March 18th thru April 7th 2014.
  3. The article has to be submitted and shared to at least one social media website.
  4. The article has to be part of your Website.  (Your blog).

Blog Madness Tournament Elimination Rules and Deadlines

Since March madness requires that certain teams get eliminated from competition, we are also going to enforce the rules as well and eliminate customers from advancing during our tournament.     If you don’t meet the requirements by a certain date then you will be eliminated from the competition.   So, please pay attention to these important dates:

Tournament Starts March 18th 2014  by the dates indicated below you must have at least a minimum amount of articles as indicated below to continue in the tournament.  The deadlines is Midnight of the day indicated below to get in your submissions.

  • March 21st – Must have at least (2) Article.
  • March 26th – Must have at least (5) Articles.
  • March 29th – Must have at least (8) Articles.
  • April 2nd – Must have at least (12) Articles.
  • April 6th – Must have at least (15) Articles.

There is a total of 20 DAYS in which you have to do at least 15 Articles to be in the championship round.   The championship round which we think few will make it to, will be the day we will judge the competition and determine who made the biggest effort to increase the wealth of their own website by providing good quality articles and did as the rules indicated.

Awards for the Blog Madness

So for your efforts and encouragement of participating with us during our March Blog Madness we are going to awards some gifts to the individuals who participated.

The awards are described below based on placement:

  1. First Place will receive a FREE Building Website (hosting fees not included).
  2. 2nd Place will get 50% off hosting fees for 6 months.
  3. 3rd Place will receive a brand spanking new 7″ Android Nexus Tablet.

When it comes to social media, there is multiple opinions about where and how it should be used when it comes to Real Estate or any business for that matter.   We have those who are for the technology and those who feel no different if they use or don’t use Social Media in their work.

In this document we are going to outline some of the things we often suggest to individuals who want to engage customers via social media and why it can be or maybe not be important to your business Today.

Social Media that been the top most frequent ones we hear about each day — Facebook and Twitter are nothing more than tools for doing online marketing.   Facebook, is more geared towards a social gathering and place to share information with friends and colleagues and twitter guides itself as a real time news breaking tool.   Facebook is a Marketing company today and will likely continue to be one for many years to come.  The biggest Marketing company in the planet is Google, which relies on millions of websites if not billions of websites on the internet to display their advertising.

So, the question we get asked by individuals is they should or should not participate on any of these networks or any other network for that matter.   Remember, there are other more specialized networks in which you can participate on as well– from Pinterest, Linked-in, Four Square, Instagram, Google+.. etc etcc.. each and every single one of them offers something different for one another so that they can survive in the space we call the World Wide Web.  You can think of all these social medias as Magazines to put it simple terms.

Each of these Magazines or social media websites, has an audience or a certain number of individuals who participate in them and engage with each one on a given day.  Some people, have lots of time during their day to navigate the World Wide Web and touch each and every single one of these during the day, but for the most part most people usually touch 1 – 3 of these on a regular basis.    Some people obsess on just one and spend all their day there, which makes us wonder how people even get work done.

In answering the question we get asked, we often respond, where do you want to find your customers?  Are you customers tweeting?  Are you customers professional business people who may only socialize on Linked-In?  or are you customers Women who love to spend hours on Pinterest looking for and designing ideas?  You see the answers is at times simple because you maybe looking for a particular type of customer, so your answer lies on which of these networks offers you that type of individual.  Remember, what we said that for the most part individuals participate in a few of these networks and at times they may not even participate in any of them all together.

We can use Facebook as an example as to why some folks join this network and participate in it.   Remember, Facebook is an advertising company and what it wants is to compete and take a part or market share away from Google for the online digital advertising space.   Furthermore, Facebook offers you some additional information about your customers that other networks don’t offer you yet, such as demographics, age, education level, marital status, etc etc.  You can then request from Facebook to run Ads for these specific demographics and attract customers to your internal Facebook page or directly to your online world wide web website.

In the end we often do an analysis of your time and how you spend your time to determine if social media makes sense for you.   It’s not something we feel everyone needs to participate on because all form of social media is just “digital advertising” and digital advertising is still a very young industry and only accounts for a small percentage of the over all market of all forms of advertising available to real estate professionals.

So, when you look at specialized networks such as Trulia or Zillow, these are specialized networks that concentrate on the market of just real estate.   So you an think of these two as the Magazine related to Real Estate for Consumers and Facebook as a General Magazine for all sort of topics.  Now you an begin to understand why for you it maybe more beneficial to place yourself amongst these networks, because the concentration of active buyers or sellers maybe more prominent on these two Social Media Sites versus twitter or facebook for example.

In the end we are left with the question of what really works?  What is the best network or social media network that a Realtor or any professional can get into to get the most out of their time and investment.   The reality is that they all work, it really does not matter which of these networks you participate in because they all have some type of audience available to you, the only question you need to answer is where does your customer lies in or the person you want to work with is located.  Recall, that all of these are just Digital Advertising so it still represent a small portion of all forms of advertising.     I used the example of Magazine to describe these social media networks, but there is a such as thing as “A physical Magazine” in which individuals still advertise on which is non-digital and so forth.

In summary,  when considering Social Media for advertising ask yourself the questions as to where do you expect to find your customers?  Are your current customers participating on any of these networks now, that you may want to join just to keep tabs with them. Remember, that Social Media or Digital advertising is a small but growing industry in comparison to already established industries. We often feel that people participate in all forms of digital media because the cost are drastically cheaper.   What does it cost to send out a mass email to 5K customers versus a postcard to 5K customers?  We often feel that customers have the misconception that all form of digital is the only way to do business Today.   Since it’s so simple and accessible by everyone that everyone automatically participates in it, which is quite contrary to reality.   Perhaps some day the inverse would be true and Digital Advertising will be the dominating medium for all businesses and professional but for now it’s still the smaller one of all.


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There is no such thing as a perfect real estate website, and everyone makes a few mistakes when it comes to getting a website for your real estate business.  We are going to point out to you what are some of the most frequent mistakes made by a Realtor when it comes to getting a real estate website.

If you are a season or experienced realtor, you likely have come across some of these pitfalls of the industry, but if you are a new real estate agent who is looking to come into the market and grow your business through the digital world, then you may want to consider the following pitfalls that agents often face when creating or launching their new real estate website.

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Yes, we all can be a DIY for just about anything nowadays and the internet has empowered much of us to do the same in just about anything.  We are constantly bombarded with television programs that show us how we can re-do our kitchen in just about a week.  The reality is that it likely takes a whole team of experts behind the scenes that make it look extremely easy when it more likely takes them more than a few days to get the job done.  If you get on youtube it’s even worst because the many DIY websites are there for you to enjoy for many hours of consumption.  The reality is that you are a SALES Person, whose sole purpose is to help buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction.  Unless, you have the resources and assistants to give you more of your time, learning and keeping up a Real Estate websites requires lots of hours of your time already, so this is something you should likely avoid.


Just as our previous point about a DIY website, the same is true when you hire a friend or colleague to help you build a website.  You likely have a brother in law or cousin who is a very smart kid that knows how to put together a website. And while we are not discounting their abilities and knowledge, we want to bring you to the realization that this industry is extremely competitive, and if you start your business with someone who has to learn the industry and wait for their potential development then you will be falling further behind your competitors.


You likely have seen your competitors’ website and that is likely a motivation for getting you to build a real estate website of your own.  When considering your competitors website, you have to see objectively and past the ‘prettiness’ of a website.   Most often people we meet with have the misconception that digital media is the only way to go.   Digital Media or Digital advertising is a fairly new industry and it still not as big or as broad as other industries.  So your competitors are likely not just engaging on Digital Advertising, -which a website is a form of – they are likely doing other things as well.   So don’t get caught up in the prettiness of your competitors website and try to see past the smoke and mirrors to understand what you should really go after.

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Yes, sales people do actually believe they can sell ice cream to an eskimo man, but the reality is that that eskimo man today is extremely informed about the market and what the ice cream content of that bar is, when it’s going to melt, it’s consistency, the flavors etc. The point of it is that your consumer is extremely knowledgable nowadays.  The internet again has made it extremely easy for them to gather information quickly and efficiently. Yes, there are some individuals who likely are not using the internet and are not keeping up with the market that requires your full sales speech but for the most part it’s fair to say that they will have some knowledge of the market.   So in this particular point avoid being an over sales man.  Stick with what you know the most of and what you really know about the market.  Place on your website all the things that you truly understand build from there. Don’t place products or services that are outside of your category or knowledge. One simple example, don’t  place listings from markets you’ve never been to or have sold anything in. If you want to sell in that particular market then you have to give that market all your attention to truly understand it.


You often see or have seen your competitors on Google search results or bing.  They got there for many reason, some are good and some are bad.  If they have done it the right way, they likely got up there because they built a website with a good rich set of information.  We have been working with some clients for many years now and we are always challenging ourselves with our clients to build tools and sets of rich information that are beneficial to the industry.   The point is that they were able to achieve online success because they were very methodical and disciplined to building a website with great information.  They did not take the shortcut of taking other people’s work and placing it on their website.  When you take other people’s hard word and put it on your website, you’re actually sending a message to Google, that you’re a shortcut type of guy or gal, and that you want to take credit for other people’s work and be recognized for it.  Well, avoid the pitfall of taking other people’s work and putting it on your website, they have been or most likely been doing this for many years now.


We’ve heard potential clients say things like: “Today, I’m going to sign up with this real estate website provider because the $299.00 price point is great for me and I think that the monthly dues are extremely fair”.  Well, when you look past 6 months you will shortly realize how far the investment went for you and shortly begin to ponder a new company where you want to park your domain with. Shopping around from vendor to vendor actually decreases your chances of ever being seen by the search engine (google) and likely increase your chances of hurting your reputation on the internet.  Avoid the quick sales pitch of these vendors and look past the service you are going to be receiving in exchange.   If someone told you to give them $500 bucks to go around telling people that you have a bad reputation, you likely won’t do it.  So, why take the risk of paying vendors each year to hurt your reputation.   We avoid agents who shop around or have a long history of switching providers all the time.  We know they’re just looking for the quickest way to get to the top and avoid all the hard work that goes into any business.   The market is extremely competitive so there are no shortcuts, especially when trying to compete in the Miami Real Estate Market.

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This point will add to the previous point of “I want a pretty website just like my competitors.”  We often are puzzled by how some of our customers meticulously inspect every element of the website and get caught up on the details.  It often feels as thought the website they build is for them and not really for their clients.   Remember, we are a design real estate company so we have been on the market for possibly more years than you have been in Real Estate, with some exceptions that some of our customers have been around longer than we have.   In essence avoid building a website for YOU and the and worry about content instead of granular details.  Consumers want information and they likely don’t care how it’s presented, they want the raw data, they wan it to be accessible at anytime and that it’s understandable.  Remember that Google is not a person but a computer or program that searches the web for information and not for who has the pretties website in town and who looks the nicest.   So do yourself a favor and concentrate on the richness of the information you’re about to provide to consumers versus how well aligned is the website and how pretty it looks. Looks can always be improved or changed but information is timeless and valuable.

In Summary, we hope to have pointed out for you the 7 common pitfalls and mistakes you can avoid as a real estate agent when it comes to building a real estate website.   We believe that the industry is extremely competitive and you should use a professional to help you build your online marketing (a website) so you can concentrate on what you can do best, which is offering your services of knowledge of the market to those consumers who are actively participating in the industry.

Avoid the fine details of any project and work on the richness of content and information that would be beneficial to your customers.  Don’t try to take shortcuts by shopping around for the product or website in terms of price but rather look for the value in the company and how together you can grow your business. Avoid taking your competitors or other people’s hard work and passing it as your own, you know better because ever since you were in grammar school you were taught differently by your teachers and parents.   There is no true shortcut to how you will succeed in life, or the real estate industry for that matter. Your competitors have pretty websites, but that’s likely not the only reason they had success in their real estate careers.

Talk to us and how we can help you avoid these pitfalls and how we can help you grow Today.

office_productIn case you are not keeping up with the market, Microsoft recently made an announcement in which they hired a new CEO — Satya Nadella.   He is currently taking over the company in place of the former CEO Steve Ballmer.  This is exciting for some people because it brings about change for the company.  For many years now, we been promoting small business to use Google Apps, as a replacement to Microsoft Office. Google jump started the cloud revolution with these suite of online applications that allow user to collaborate online with word documents, spreadsheets and other applications.

The advantage we have seen Google is that they jump started this for all small business to take advantage of the free service.  The move was brilliant as thousands of small business where able to switch to this platform without incurring additional cost.   We feel that a Realtor or a brokerage can take advantage of these cost savings and use these tools that are free of charge.  We think that most consumers would likely never use all the functionality of a microsoft word or microsoft excel program.  The majority of individuals use these program for the bare basic.  Yes, there are some individual who we consider to be extreme users who will take advantage of the basic but those were few in between.

We won’t bore you with the details as to what makes an expert microsoft office user versus a novice user.   The point is that since Nadella, took over the realm at Microsoft we are seen small but subtle changes to take effect.   This is exciting for all consumers because it means we have healthy competition amongst these two giants.  In the end who knows which of these two will control the market when it comes to online applications, such as the use of these documents and spreadsheets online, but we all can agree that these application will be more of online application versus desktop applications.

What was just recently announced by Microsoft was the ability to use to collaborate online and create online documents using microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft outlook and various other services for free from Microsoft.  As a new generation of consumers enters the market, you will begin to receive and exchange documents online with the services from either Google or Microsoft.  These two companies will battle it out online to offer you features.   We feel that either choice is good choice because both offer the services for FREE.  The hope for either company is that once you learn either of their system is that you grow and continue to use them for many years to come.   One of these two players will dominate the market and only time will tell which of the two will control this realm online.   Google, has had an advantage because they have been doing this online collaboration for a few years now, and Microsoft jumped on board a few years after.   This means that the company who started could have learned along that way what makes the service or experience better for users, and the other was observing to see if it was even worth the effort to jump in.   In the end it comes down to simple math and if the product is profitable or not, and for Microsoft, Office is an extremely profitable software application and Google is a disruptor in which they are offering a service ahead of its time.

In summary you should hop on and try either Google Apps or Microsoft new to see which of these two companies you will be using for a few years to come.  Microsoft in our eyes is hopping you can move from the office desktop edition to the online edition that is already familiar to you, while google hopes to engage you with their products and features.   The choice really going to depend on the volume of users who use either of these services and the one company that controls the masses will essentially control the market of online collaboration.   In the end you should take advantage of the revolution and see what works best for you.

One of our most frequently asked question by our customers is — how do you increase visibility of your real estate website.  The answer maybe simpler than you think and it’s actually quite easy to do and follow, but most people never really like our answer to the question, they prefer we did not even say it, because it’s a scary concept to grasp, but will outline for you why this is the real answer and why we don’t sugar coat it to our customers.

The cold hard facts about any given website in any industry, weather you’re doing Real Estate in Miami or doing e-commerce or trying promote your business is actually doing the work.   There is no secret formular or special tactics or magic that is going to propel your website from the back of the row to the very first position of google.   Yes, often time we hear the Search Engine experts dispute this argument about how and what they know will get you to the top of page on google or any search engine.  But, what they know is how to try to find shortcuts to cheating a computer to achieve this, to then at the very end have your website go from top of the line to the end of the line.

You see the most valuable thing you have is a domain name.  That is your domain name that you paid for $12/year to have the rights to use this name.   Now how do you add value to your name?  Well, the answer is simple,  you have to actually provide knowledge or be willing to share with others what you know about your product or services with anyone, without asking for anything in return except that they value your information.

You ask, why would I spend hours giving up my time so that someone could just come and take this from me.  All my hard work and effort so, that someone else can benefit from what I do.   Well, the answer is quite simple, you actually get rewarded with your hard work and that is in the form of people sharing what you had to say with others freely.  That’s the real magic in making anything you do on a website become relevant and stick around for a long time.  Meaning that’s how you get placement and hardly ever do you get bumped down to the end of the line.

You see, sometimes your competitors have been doing this well enough for a long time that they have in a way earned the right to be up there.  So, lets pretend that you just started in the business.  Take for example the position of you doing tons of hours of research, lots of hours of pounding over mls data as a Realtor, to then one day publicize and share your information with the world or in this case your local peers or potential customers, to then quickly realize that another person came and took this information from you so, that they could in turn put it on their website.  Because let’s face it, it’s extremely simple to copy and paste now in days and that only requires a second of my time to do so.

So, the argument becomes— Wow! that guy really did a nice job, you know thanks buddy for putting all this information together for me, I will just take it and place it on my website.  Would you considered what this person did to be fair?  Should they get fair treatment because they took your hard work and placed it on their website?

The answer is simple, — There is no treatment for taking other people’s work —  why would they get any credit since it took them 10 minutes to take it from you, when it took you hours if not days to put it together?  —  This is why Google and other search engine treat your information with value, so that when someone takes what you put many hours of work into as resourceful and treat it fairly, to give you ample opportunity for you to share this information freely without the fear that someone would take credit for your hard work.

The point of my story is that yes, your hard work is rewarded and if you try to take shortcuts by taking other people’s information from their domains and placing it on yours, you’re actually hurting yourself and helping them with the cause.   So, always think about how your might be taking shortcuts when you take information that is out there and just placing it on your domain. .

We have been in this industry for more than 16+ years, and I have seen in my time many websites rise and many fall, but if you are to move your website from the back of the line to the front of the line, you have to see and look for your opportunities in the form of what is lacking from your competitors and try to fill in that void that they’re not meeting.   It’s impossible to ask of Google or any search engine to take what you started to contribute and place you ahead of the line, over someone how has been doing it for quite some time. Well, there is a way and that’s to pay google with advertising monies, but to be fair they may take you to the front of the line without monies if your information is worth and is of value to someone and those people enjoy or like your information, because in the end Google and other search engines goal is to pair the right or best answer with the question.


We all have the ability to now save all our favorite documents on the Cloud.  Which is great for most of us to be able to go from any device and access these documents anytime and anywhere, but if you’re like me, where you spend a considerable amount of time inside of Gmail wouldn’t it be great to attach a document directly from the cloud right into an email?

Gmail now offers attachments right from Google Drive, which is an alternative to Dropbox and Sky Drive which offer similar functionality of storing your documents on the Cloud.  But what if you’re not using Google Drive and instead are using something like Dropbox or Sky Drive? is a cloud service that tightly integrates gmail with these services, thus saving you time and making you more productive throughout your day.

If you’re like most Realtors who use Dropbox to keep their contracts, forms, general brochures inside dropbox, you can now easily and quickly attach these documents to your email using   The service is currently FREE and does not cost you a thing to install.   If you use Google’s Chrome — you can download an extension for Gmail here or for those of you who are iOS lovers here is their iOS Application.

The product also offers other great features, such as easily and quickly get through all emails that contain attachments within your emails.   One feature that we like and we think Realtors can use, is the ability for it to remember to save all future attachments sent by a client to a specific folder with in dropbox.    In this way you will always be organized and know exactly where all documents sent by your client via emails are.

We built a similar feature that integrates your website directly with Dropbox and we think this feature is great if you want to extend your Documents from the cloud directly into Gmail.

Google+ is a Social Media Network that competes with Facebook and in case you have not heard of it’s Hangout Feature — which is a really nice feature of their service, which allows you to setup video conferencing with friends family and colleagues.   If you have not seen this feature in action, check out the commercial below by google.

Suggestion for using Google Hangout for Realtors.

The only requirement you will need in order to use this nice feature of Google+ is a Microphone and a Camera, which most forms of laptops and tables now in days have.

  • Host a roundtable discussion about the state of the market in your neighborhood.
  • Collaborate with virtual assistants to get your work done.
  • Give a guided tour of home/condo.
  • Offer foreign buyers guide and information on what they need to buy real estate.
  • Discuss with other Realtor your transaction details.
  • Coordinate a virtual meeting with your Title office, loan officer, inspectors.
  • Host a guided tour of a new real estate development.

With Google+ and hangout you can achieve more in person discussions with your client, even if he or she is miles from where you are.   If you can think of other great ideas in which you can incorporate google+ hangouts to your real estate career let us know, we love to hear what other suggestions you may have.