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Feb 27, 2016 by GOIDX LLC

Recently we launched a series of projects that involved the community of Schenley Park.  Schenley Park Miami is small community with in Miami-Dade County and for a long while we were presented with the challenge of making a website for this community.  This just like any other community with in Miami-Dade is a vibrant community of homes that are located in a area of Miami which offers Residential Owners great opportunities for living close to Downtown Coral Gables.

The community website is a marketing community project to help local residents keep abreast of the homes for sale with in Schenley Park.  While the website offer consumer a way to see residential sales, also available to them is an interactive community map with all the homes with in Schenley Park.

We invite you to see and use the Schenley Park Miami Website and let us know what you think.  Looking forward to the growth of this website and others alike.



We recently did some upgrades and update to our Miami Beach Homes website for Urban Resource.  This was a project that was in need of an update due to technological changes in the industry and specifically we wanted to make the website more relevant to the Mobile Market.   Consumers who are on the move and are looking for a better way of searching and experiencing and consuming a more mobile experience, hence the recent upgrade to Urban Resource.

This was a fun project in which we incorporated all our little tricks into one website.  From a very modern advance menu system that incorporate touch sensitivity from a device, to cleverly showing and displaying to the user what is most relevant information on their device.   Today’s website required us to ensure that the user has a full rich experience no matter the device they use to interact with the website.   If the user wants or needs to consume your website the experience needs to be relevant to them no matter the device they use.  That’s why we made great efforts in ensuring the menu system was as responsive to touch as it was adaptive to the device.

We invite you to visit our Miami Beach Real Estate Office at Urban Resource and experience their brand new website.

urban resource

We at GOIDX specialized in understand our Customer needs and the Market needs of our community, that why we are happy to have collaborated with Irina Kim Sang — A Coldwell Banker Realtor who operates and runs   The project was launched more than two years ago and it was setup in anticipation of the market that we have Today.   Miami For Russian is a website that is tailor to help Foreign investors invest and live in Miami and surrounding communities.    We have done numerous other projects in various other languages as well — from Spanish, Mandarin and Russian, and this one was one that we were extremely excited to have launched very early on.

Miami for Russian Foreign Investors

In Miami we are a very extremely diverse community and we have amongst one the most diverse cultural groups in the country.  Everyone enjoys and loves to be part of a great vibrant city and nothing is further from the truth than seen how Miami has enjoyed this great diversification of people and culture.   We knew very early on that creating Miami for Russian to help foreign buyers see information and search information in their natural language was important to them, so we were right on target and early in deploying this project.    We now see how the collaboration has helped foreign buyers better see Real Estate Data, but has also helped our customer better engage their customers too.

The project is all translated so that it can be properly indexed in Yandex and other Russian speaking search engines including Google’s very own Russian Search engine.   We have placed the website closer to the customer and that has allowed for it to grow organically and efficiently over the past two years.   We think this was perfect timing in the collaboration of this project with Irina, and we are looking forward to what is next in terms of what the Miami Real Estate Market is doing with foreign buyers Today.   So, if you’re only considering a website in English, you should perhaps look into and get closer to your customers if they first choice of language is not English.

You can learn more about Miami Russian foreign buyers and Miami for Russians by visiting our client website at   If you are interested in a website to best meet or exceed the demands of foreign investors in Miami or South Florida, speak to one of our sales agent Today and don’t miss this great opportunity.

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Russian Condos

We often are asked by potential clients the cost of having a real estate website, to which we respond the cost is anything you want it to be.   In any business regardless of what you do on the online world is as competitive if not more competitive than a traditional brick and mortar business.  When we say that to establish any online website it’s a long road and it’s often a tedious road we mean that a lot goes into how a website is built.   We are going to outline some of our most frequently asked questions we get in our Real Estate industry and what you can learn on how to move ahead on the online digital market.   Regardless, of the industry you participate in the same principals apply when it comes to an online website.

If you ever operated any business you know that it’s a tedious process and long process that often requires longs hours of work.   As a Real Estate Agent, you basically wear all the hats in the business and you have to do pretty much all the things required of any business.  So how do you stay competitive when there is so little of you to go around?   Some Agents an do this extremely well, while others often or barely wear more than the sales person hat.   It’s a industry that rewards are great if the business goes well and terrible when business is not so well.   It’s often an industry in which you have lots of small cycles of  within one year.   A business is often a combination of the offline world, the non-digital world and the online world, which only exist in the world wide web.   What you decide is your path to your business is determined by your own Business Plan and your own path to success or failure.   It’s specific to each individual and how you reach your own individual goals for your own business is determine by your efforts either offline or online.    We are going to outline what are the similarities in the offline world to the digital world and how you can begin to understand why the digital online world is as competitive if not more competitive than the brick and mortar model.   These are our findings after many years of working with and helping our clients grow their digital business.

Getting your website the online exposure it deserves

The challenge of any website regardless of the business is getting exposure.   The same can be said of a business that is located in a particular shopping center.   Yes, it’s true that a website has world wide exposure and that anyone with a computer or smart phone can view your business, but to get this exposure requires lots of effort and not to mention the help of the search engines to get you this exposure.    The internet is an extremely young industry that is only 25 years old in comparison you have businesses that have been around for more than 100 Years.    These brick and mortar business as they are often referred to have endured lots of business cycles and lots of ups and downs in the economy.  Some have survived while others simply disappear and to be never be seen again.   So, what do we mean by exposure?   When you open a store and for example you have a store in already extremely successful and super busy intersection or the location your business if bound to get many many eyes without very much from your part —  That means you have chosen an extremely great location and it helped you tremendously in the efforts of exposure.    The similarities of this to a websites, is when you choose an extremely easy domain name.   But, the likely hood that you will get a really good domain 25 years later is probably harder.   We are not saying the possibilities are not there but you get the point.   That you have to now choose a name 25 years later, when lots of people in the industry have been doing it for a while.  We don’t think you should get so hung up on a domain name, because if you’re not able to get what you’re looking for you’re going to be heart broken.

The already established business is an already existing competitor

So, now you found the right place or rather the right domain name in which you plan to grow your business, but you quickly realize that someone already has a much more clever easier to remember domain name, because the one you wanted was not available.    The same is true, if your wanted to open a business in the same street where someone has been doing business for 15 years for example,  you’re going to have to figure out how to get some attention as well and compete for those customers.    This is so extremely true of any online website, except you are no longer competing with the local street business but rather or potentially more companies with more streets involved.     We are not saying that it’s easy to compete, but just because you got a domain name it does not mean you are not going to face competition from already established website.   We think it’s an extremely difficult problems for search engines to solve, because just anyone can launch a website and go into business — so the search engine has to decide who is to receive the most exposure.    We’re not going to get into the extensive details of how or why the search engine is your friend or your worst enemy,   What we going to instead concentrate is on the value that the new website should provide from already existing website.   This is the most important aspect of any new website, and to determine this you really have to look deep and research this profoundly, if you ever want your online business to have a chance.  So consider “value” for a website to have any real chance at success regardless of the domain name.

The cost to compete on the World Wide Web for consumers

There is a cost to any business when it comes to acquiring any potential customer, weather you do this offline (mortar/brick) or online.  The question that we often ask our customers to determine for themselves, what is the cost you’re willing to pay for this if any.   Some customers, have no interest in attaining any business online, and they merely do it just to keep a face or brand exposed.   While other’s who want the exposure will have to determine what this cost is.   Remember what we said earlier, that some of these online business have been operating for many years now, so there was an initial cost and continuous cost to keep that business going all these years.

Will take a simple example, if you had a traditional Brick and Mortars business, you may likely have events, marketing materials made, new product announcements or a growth in a particular community that lead you to get more new customers.    The business grows over a period of time and now the brick and mortar location has a steady flow of customers because it has been out there for a while, and you as a small business owner have done many other things to help it grow.    This is the same of an online business, the same principals apply and if someone has been out there for many years now and has had exposure the chance that they added or contributed something for it grow and now the website has “value”.   So, to go back to the original question — What are you willing to pay for your website to compete with someone who has been doing it for longer than you have?


In Summary — We just outline some of the similarities between an online business and a traditional brick and mortar business.   These are some essential points to understand if you’re are new the online business realm and things you should consider when opening an online website.    The business online and offline share similarities an often time one has a higher cost than the other, and it really depends on your specific industry.   The online industry is still new and still growing industry and we think that the online business is a compliment as to what you do offline.    Don’t get caught up in the domain name, but always think about the value of the website, so that you can distinguish yourself from an already crowded market place.   Evaluate the competition and determine the cost for you business to grow online, to catch up or outpace your competitors.   There was an initial cost to an already existing website and it likely has had many things done over the year to add value, that can’t be seen unless you been following or watching them for many years.    The most important thing is not to wait another 25 years if you plan to be in any business now or in the future, because before you know it the digital world maybe the predominant market place for all things and brick and mortars would just be complimentary to online business.

We are please to announce the launch of a new website for our client.   The Rent Dadeland project was created for consumer’s who are interested in living in an area of South Florida that is growing and vibrant.   Downtown Dadeland is composed of several buildings that allow consumers to live in near conveniences of  urban living. offers customers the ability to quickly and efficiently find a rental in this area.


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Dadeland Apartment Rentals

Our client asked us to help them build a website that they can use as well when they meet with clients and made it easier to share and collaborate in the search for rentals in dadeland.   The project is just focused on Rentals in Dadeland and a customer can view inventory based on several criteria’s.   We incorporated the most frequent types of searches that can be done for Dadeland and that of most interest to most consumers.

Renting an Apartment in dadeland is extremely simple with this new website, because the information is nicely organized by bedrooms, newest available rentals, pets requirements, furnished or unfurnished apartments.   There is also rental history so that consumers can get an idea as to what the market in dadeland is demanding for rentals, We hope to continue to grow this project and incorporate more customer friendly features for our client.

While the main focus of the website are four primary buildings:

consumers can view all the other buildings that are around the area as well, from Kings Creek and all nearby Homes, Town homes and Condos.  This was a fun project and we are looking forward to growing the website with new functionality and features for consumers to enjoy when search for a rental in Dadeland.



The PC industry is in a little big of a pickle as a recent report by International Data Corporation or IDC suggest that overall shipment of computers declined -9.8% in 2013.   It was slightly less than the projected figure of -10.1%.   So why is this important for someone who is running a business online or utilizes the internet for a source of business?   The answer is quite simple, it affects the types of products or services you need to be offering online to your customers.

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The PC industry overall has been on a steady decline for many years now, and it did not help the industry much with the introduction of all sorts of new gadgets including the iphone, the ipad, and all sort of all new devices that have come into the market.   Now, consumers have a variety of choices and what used to be once a priority to upgrade and replace an old computer is been evaluated as maybe, we should buy a new tablet or ipad.  We are not suggesting that all replacements of computers are as direct cause of the ipad or iphone, but rather these new powerful devices offer consumers choices in which they can now experience the World Wide Web with.

We have been forward thinking with our customers and have devised and manage to stay ahead of the curb with certain projects, by making them be more friendly to all these new devices.   We model the idea of making a website adapt to the particular device that is viewing the website, because we know that consumers are no longer viewing your website via a desktop or laptop but through various different devices.   We were suggesting to customers in 2009 to start the revolution of mobile websites and applications so, that when the time came that mobile devices would be the majority of your internet website traffic, their website would be ahead of the industry.

It’s important to understand these changes in the market with regards to how consumers are now experiencing and consuming the World Wide Web, because the ultimate goal of any website is to keep consumers engaged no matter how they decide to visit your particular website.   We encourage that you ask questions regarding forward thinking implementations of any website project, so that you can truly understand if you are in par with the industry or ahead of industry.   We feel  that understanding how the industry is adjusting or moving is one more important thing we pay attention to when it comes to how and why we design your projects.   Talk to one of our representative today to get a free evaluation of your business and see how you are taking advantage of these changes or lagging behind in the industry.


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There is no such thing as a perfect real estate website, and everyone makes a few mistakes when it comes to getting a website for your real estate business.  We are going to point out to you what are some of the most frequent mistakes made by a Realtor when it comes to getting a real estate website.

If you are a season or experienced realtor, you likely have come across some of these pitfalls of the industry, but if you are a new real estate agent who is looking to come into the market and grow your business through the digital world, then you may want to consider the following pitfalls that agents often face when creating or launching their new real estate website.

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Yes, we all can be a DIY for just about anything nowadays and the internet has empowered much of us to do the same in just about anything.  We are constantly bombarded with television programs that show us how we can re-do our kitchen in just about a week.  The reality is that it likely takes a whole team of experts behind the scenes that make it look extremely easy when it more likely takes them more than a few days to get the job done.  If you get on youtube it’s even worst because the many DIY websites are there for you to enjoy for many hours of consumption.  The reality is that you are a SALES Person, whose sole purpose is to help buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction.  Unless, you have the resources and assistants to give you more of your time, learning and keeping up a Real Estate websites requires lots of hours of your time already, so this is something you should likely avoid.


Just as our previous point about a DIY website, the same is true when you hire a friend or colleague to help you build a website.  You likely have a brother in law or cousin who is a very smart kid that knows how to put together a website. And while we are not discounting their abilities and knowledge, we want to bring you to the realization that this industry is extremely competitive, and if you start your business with someone who has to learn the industry and wait for their potential development then you will be falling further behind your competitors.


You likely have seen your competitors’ website and that is likely a motivation for getting you to build a real estate website of your own.  When considering your competitors website, you have to see objectively and past the ‘prettiness’ of a website.   Most often people we meet with have the misconception that digital media is the only way to go.   Digital Media or Digital advertising is a fairly new industry and it still not as big or as broad as other industries.  So your competitors are likely not just engaging on Digital Advertising, -which a website is a form of – they are likely doing other things as well.   So don’t get caught up in the prettiness of your competitors website and try to see past the smoke and mirrors to understand what you should really go after.

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Yes, sales people do actually believe they can sell ice cream to an eskimo man, but the reality is that that eskimo man today is extremely informed about the market and what the ice cream content of that bar is, when it’s going to melt, it’s consistency, the flavors etc. The point of it is that your consumer is extremely knowledgable nowadays.  The internet again has made it extremely easy for them to gather information quickly and efficiently. Yes, there are some individuals who likely are not using the internet and are not keeping up with the market that requires your full sales speech but for the most part it’s fair to say that they will have some knowledge of the market.   So in this particular point avoid being an over sales man.  Stick with what you know the most of and what you really know about the market.  Place on your website all the things that you truly understand build from there. Don’t place products or services that are outside of your category or knowledge. One simple example, don’t  place listings from markets you’ve never been to or have sold anything in. If you want to sell in that particular market then you have to give that market all your attention to truly understand it.


You often see or have seen your competitors on Google search results or bing.  They got there for many reason, some are good and some are bad.  If they have done it the right way, they likely got up there because they built a website with a good rich set of information.  We have been working with some clients for many years now and we are always challenging ourselves with our clients to build tools and sets of rich information that are beneficial to the industry.   The point is that they were able to achieve online success because they were very methodical and disciplined to building a website with great information.  They did not take the shortcut of taking other people’s work and placing it on their website.  When you take other people’s hard word and put it on your website, you’re actually sending a message to Google, that you’re a shortcut type of guy or gal, and that you want to take credit for other people’s work and be recognized for it.  Well, avoid the pitfall of taking other people’s work and putting it on your website, they have been or most likely been doing this for many years now.


We’ve heard potential clients say things like: “Today, I’m going to sign up with this real estate website provider because the $299.00 price point is great for me and I think that the monthly dues are extremely fair”.  Well, when you look past 6 months you will shortly realize how far the investment went for you and shortly begin to ponder a new company where you want to park your domain with. Shopping around from vendor to vendor actually decreases your chances of ever being seen by the search engine (google) and likely increase your chances of hurting your reputation on the internet.  Avoid the quick sales pitch of these vendors and look past the service you are going to be receiving in exchange.   If someone told you to give them $500 bucks to go around telling people that you have a bad reputation, you likely won’t do it.  So, why take the risk of paying vendors each year to hurt your reputation.   We avoid agents who shop around or have a long history of switching providers all the time.  We know they’re just looking for the quickest way to get to the top and avoid all the hard work that goes into any business.   The market is extremely competitive so there are no shortcuts, especially when trying to compete in the Miami Real Estate Market.

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This point will add to the previous point of “I want a pretty website just like my competitors.”  We often are puzzled by how some of our customers meticulously inspect every element of the website and get caught up on the details.  It often feels as thought the website they build is for them and not really for their clients.   Remember, we are a design real estate company so we have been on the market for possibly more years than you have been in Real Estate, with some exceptions that some of our customers have been around longer than we have.   In essence avoid building a website for YOU and the and worry about content instead of granular details.  Consumers want information and they likely don’t care how it’s presented, they want the raw data, they wan it to be accessible at anytime and that it’s understandable.  Remember that Google is not a person but a computer or program that searches the web for information and not for who has the pretties website in town and who looks the nicest.   So do yourself a favor and concentrate on the richness of the information you’re about to provide to consumers versus how well aligned is the website and how pretty it looks. Looks can always be improved or changed but information is timeless and valuable.

In Summary, we hope to have pointed out for you the 7 common pitfalls and mistakes you can avoid as a real estate agent when it comes to building a real estate website.   We believe that the industry is extremely competitive and you should use a professional to help you build your online marketing (a website) so you can concentrate on what you can do best, which is offering your services of knowledge of the market to those consumers who are actively participating in the industry.

Avoid the fine details of any project and work on the richness of content and information that would be beneficial to your customers.  Don’t try to take shortcuts by shopping around for the product or website in terms of price but rather look for the value in the company and how together you can grow your business. Avoid taking your competitors or other people’s hard work and passing it as your own, you know better because ever since you were in grammar school you were taught differently by your teachers and parents.   There is no true shortcut to how you will succeed in life, or the real estate industry for that matter. Your competitors have pretty websites, but that’s likely not the only reason they had success in their real estate careers.

Talk to us and how we can help you avoid these pitfalls and how we can help you grow Today.

Godaddy is a company that offers multiple services to customers from domain registration, hosting, email, online storage and a whole lot of sort of products and services.   If you buy services from Godaddy and you are only using them for their affordable domain registration prices, then you can purchase other services from other vendors.   You can use their Godaddy’s Domain DNS Services to re-direct your other services for your domain to other vendors.

One use of Godaddy is to purchase the domain registration with them and then ask a hosting company to provide you with the services of a website or email.   We for example, recommend to our customers to use Google for Email services and to use Godaddy for domain registration and our customers use us for Website Services (Hosting).

Below we will walk you through the process of using Godaddy’s DNS services to redirect your web services needs to another vendor.

The first thing you need to do is gain access to your Account on Godaddy.  Once you are logged in you want to proceed and click on “launch” under the “Domains” page as indicated in the image below:

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Once you have launched the list of all your domain.  You want to locate the domain you want to change the services for.   By simply selecting the domain name as indicated below:

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At this point you will be presented with all the current information about this particular domain.  From here you want to go ahead and click on “Edit” under the “DNS Zone File.

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The DNS File is a record of your domain name.  This file is responsible for letting other computers in the world know where your particular services reside.   For example your email services can be sent to Google and your website to another vendor.  You can even create a sub domain for your domain for test purposes.   You can learn more about sub domains on godaddy by visiting our Continue Reading.

The final part in this process it to enter the “IP Address” of the hosting company’s server that will be hosting your website services.  In this case you will enter our hosting servers IP Address or as instructed by our staff.

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You will click on where it read “points to” and enter the IP Address as instructed by your hosting company.   The simply click on “Save Zone File”.

With these four simple steps you have been able to now request that your hosting services be sent to a third party company other than Godaddy.

The default IP Address you see on there prior to the change is provided by Godaddy.   These pages are simple and are usually served up with advertisement by the company to generate additional revenue on behalf of your domain registrations.

We usually recommend that if you purchase lots of different domain names for whatever reason, that you make your own landing pages and generate your own advertising revenue versus Godaddy.

If you want the short short version of these steps you can follow the video below:

 Setting up DNS Entry the short version

Login to the following Website: http:///
Select the domain name you want to modify and modify the entry in the “point to” and enter the new IP Address of your hosting company, then click on Save Zone File.



There are numerous ways in which you can have success when it comes to online real estate.   The key to having success online is just the same as having success in just about anything you do offline– hard work and perseverance.

Successful real estate websites that generate you leads online have something that no other Continue Reading, which offer consumers good information on this particular condo building.

We often help our customer understand these key principals about what it takes to have a successful real estate website.   We explain the process of what, who, when, where and how their competitors achieve the high rankings they have and what they are doing on a day-in-day-out to remain atop of the search engine, when it comes to real estate.

What can you do to ensure that you have success in 2013 online and offline? — For starters the best thing you can do is determine your goal and establish what it is you seek in 2013 with regard to launching or obtaining online real estate business.  Once you have determine your primary goal, the next thing is to determine what are the steps you can take to achieve your goals.

  • Do you outsource your online real estate needs for your website? D
  • Do you dedicate one or two hours of your expertise and knowledge to your real estate website and write information for you potential customers via a blog?
  • Do you get a website with good tools and invest in just marketing these tools?
  • Do you integrate or use social media to find customers?
  • Pay a Continue Reading to market your product or website.
  • Pay Google Adwords and run a Marketing Campaign
  • use Offline media such as Newspaper, Magazine, Postcards?

The answer is not quite so simple because in reality it likely involves all the items mentioned above.  There is no one solution that will give you the success you need online only numerous approaches to your online business that if all used together they will likely generate your the real estate leads you need in 2013.

Just remember, hard work and perseverance to get your website to rank or perform for you in 2013.   If you need help or are seeking for someone to help you with your real estate goals in 2013, let us know how we can help you.


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In an effort to increase the tools for our real estate clients, we are happy to have release some new themes for 2012 for our single listing website pages.  The single listing website allows you to easily create a website for any listing.   Creating a single website for a listing is extremely simple with our tools, all you need to provide is an MLS number and all the information is pre-populated for you, thus saving you time.

When we set out to build this project back in 2009, we were thinking about the future and how this tool can help you better market your listings.  Sellers’ love our single listing website because it allows them to see how you market their individual properties.  A typical single listing website includes:  Listing Information – Remarks, Amenities, Year Built, Address, Price, Availability, Photographs, Neighborhood Information, Map Location, Animated Virtual Tours, Social Media Sharing Tools, Your contact Information and much more.   Below is one of our sample screen shots for a single listing page website for 2012.

You can view a sample of a single listing website at   What’s great about these single listing websites is that they allow you to create your own domain such as  Having a single listing website will help you in your marketing efforts and keep your sellers happy.  Since importing a listing to a single listing website is extremely simple, we have taken the headaches of managing things.  If the listing is Active in the MLS, we will continue to update the information for you, so that you don’t have to worry.   Even if you don’t have your listing in the MLS you can always use our single listing page tool to create a website for any listing.

If you are a Broker or Agent and would like to use this product head over to and sign-up today.  Our prices are extremely competitive an we offer bulk discounts for brokers who are looking for a single listing website solution for their organization.