Considering recent events and the push to make the internet more secure there is a movement on the internet towards making what we use each day more secure than ever before.   The notion of creating a more secure web is not new as we will explain shortly, but what has taken the internet by storm is that now “Google” considers that if you offer consumers a secure website that you deserve some brownie points for making this effort of keeping your customers and their information secure.

So, what is a more secure internet and why you need to act Today more than ever.   When we visit a website i.e. we type on our favorite browsers, that connection between your browser and the computer which holds the website you’re visiting is consider to be the unencrypted part in all of this.   Now for a moment one may wonder and say what’s wrong with having an unencrypted connection?    Well not much really, except that to a certain point someone (aka) a computer can see the information traveling back and forth between you and that website.  Now with millions and millions and billions of devices out there you’re pretty much an ant in an Ocean of water, but to someone who cares you are then a target of attack.

What do we mean by an ant in an Ocean.  When information travels from your browser to its destination it must do so through what we call the Word Wide Web.  WWW.   This intricate web of connected computers relay your information from your computer, to another computer, to a router, to another computer to n computers, till it’s destination.   Now while it’s doing this in a very unencrypted way, it leads to the possibility that someone could record this and capture what it’s relaying.    Therefore, companies such as Google and others are giving you brownie points when you take care of your customer’s and offer them a more secure connection between your computer and the website they’re currently visiting, in this case that website would be your secure real estate website.   This is important for you, because it’s not just securing real estate websites here but securing almost any type of website we interact with on the World Wide Web.  Take for example banking.    We are for certain that you would not want to visit your bank’s website unless it offered a secure link between your computer and their computers.

What does it take to make your website secure?   Well in simple terms you need what is known a Certificate or SSL Certificate.   There are various types of certificates but in its simplest form you need what is known as a simple domain validation certificate.   There are other more elaborate, expensive certificates, but at the very least just a simple entry level certificate will do its job of securing the information as it travels from your website to your client’s computer or potential clients’ computer, phone, tablet etc.    There is no need now to invest in super expensive certificates, as they all regardless of price do their job of securing the information, and Google won’t judge your certificate based on price, but rather that you implemented a certificate with the proper standards and achieve a secure link between your website and your client’s computer.

We made a push in 2014 and started to secure our clients websites with certificates ahead of its popularity, Today.   We strongly suggest that you consider implementing SSL certificates on your website in 2017 and don’t leave it for another day.   When you install a certificate make sure you get an evaluation of the quality of the implementation and that you consider doing this regardless of its popularity, but more than anything that it makes simple sense to protect your client’s information regardless of whether they value their privacy or not, but for the sake that it’s common sense to do so Today.



There are numerous ways in which you can have success when it comes to online real estate.   The key to having success online is just the same as having success in just about anything you do offline– hard work and perseverance.

Successful real estate websites that generate you leads online have something that no other Continue Reading, which offer consumers good information on this particular condo building.

We often help our customer understand these key principals about what it takes to have a successful real estate website.   We explain the process of what, who, when, where and how their competitors achieve the high rankings they have and what they are doing on a day-in-day-out to remain atop of the search engine, when it comes to real estate.

What can you do to ensure that you have success in 2013 online and offline? — For starters the best thing you can do is determine your goal and establish what it is you seek in 2013 with regard to launching or obtaining online real estate business.  Once you have determine your primary goal, the next thing is to determine what are the steps you can take to achieve your goals.

  • Do you outsource your online real estate needs for your website? D
  • Do you dedicate one or two hours of your expertise and knowledge to your real estate website and write information for you potential customers via a blog?
  • Do you get a website with good tools and invest in just marketing these tools?
  • Do you integrate or use social media to find customers?
  • Pay a Continue Reading to market your product or website.
  • Pay Google Adwords and run a Marketing Campaign
  • use Offline media such as Newspaper, Magazine, Postcards?

The answer is not quite so simple because in reality it likely involves all the items mentioned above.  There is no one solution that will give you the success you need online only numerous approaches to your online business that if all used together they will likely generate your the real estate leads you need in 2013.

Just remember, hard work and perseverance to get your website to rank or perform for you in 2013.   If you need help or are seeking for someone to help you with your real estate goals in 2013, let us know how we can help you.


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Duplicate content is very serious business in the industry and when it comes to search engine rankings it can mean your site can be left out of the search engine all together.  If you are a new to the world of building a real estate website, be careful you don’t fall in to the trap of copying someone else’s hard work onto your new website.   If you hire a company to do all your content building be careful you are not offered duplicate information from your competitors.

We have many customers and some opt to use our professional services in building them content information for condo buildings while other opt to build the content themselves.  If you take the road of doing the work yourself consider that some of the websites you found with information have been around for many years with such information.  So, if you decide you want to borrow information from their website(s) be careful you don’t duplicate the information onto your website.   By copying someone else’s work onto your website you are essentially giving them more credit to the information they wrote and putting your website in a worst off situation.

Our recommendation is to hire a professional that will guarantee the work to be unique to your website and not duplicated.   If you find that hiring a professional is out of the question, then consider doing the research from various websites and forming your own opinion about the subject matter.   According to Google’s official blog they were able to cut away about 11% of the websites who provide low quality information and duplicate information off the search engine results.  I guess this is good news that there is a low % of users who just out right copy someone else’s work, so don’t fall into the trap of taking the easy way out since you can get potentially penalized by the search engines.

In an increasing competitive Real Estate Blog web sphere how do you set your Real Estate Blog aside from the pack?  We have some suggestions that will help you increase your traffic and help you set your Real Estate Blog Site apart from the rest of the crowd.  These WordPress Plugins can help you better manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.   By better managing and installing these Search Engine WordPress plugins you can help your website generate more traffic and increase your presence online.

1. All-In-One SEO PackContinue Reading

This is a one of the most widely used SEO Plugin for your WordPress, it allows you to control the meta descriptions and page titles.   The All In One SEO Pack includes the most efficient SEO plugins that enable you to perform most SEO operations needed to better help Rank your Real Estate Articles.   Some of the key features of this plugin include canonical URLs, Automatic Title Optimization for the search engines and Meta Tag generation to name a few.  Give this one a try and it will go a long way in helping your Real Estate Blog Rank just as high as others.

All In One SEO Screenshot
All In One SEO Screenshot

2.  Google XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress

Continue Reading

This is a great plugin to help you connect with Google and their webmaster tool.    This plugin generates a special XML file that is used by Google to prioritize the relevant pages against all the other pages they index from your site.  All Major Search engines read a sitemap XML file and this Google XML Sitemap supports pretty much all the search engines.

Google Sitemap XML
Google Sitemap XML

3 – Friendly SEO Images

Continue Reading

Search Engine Friendly Images are images which have proper labels and attributes that describe the image.  Google reads this information to better understand what the image is about.  Remember that the web is also surfed by individuals who can’t see and the ALT attribute helps to describe to these users what the image is all about.

4 – Redirection of all Old Articles.

Continue Reading

WordPress Redirection plugin will help ensure that your transition from one version of WordPress to another is invisible to your end users so that in the event you rename an existing page on your site, your users are directed to the appropriate page.   When Google indexes or stores a copy of your page on their servers and you happen to rename your page, they will have a hard time sending the user to the original page, this is where this plugin helps to ensure your usesr always find the page.


5 – Robot Meta

Continue Reading

Robot Meta can be used on your Real Estate Blog to ensure the search engine only Indexes (Stores) pages and information you have made public.  The Robot Meta is also a great way to prevent the search engine from indexing duplicate content on your website by preventing the indexing of tag pages, category pages and author pages.

6 – Simple SEO Links

Continue Reading

There are times in which you want to link the user to internal pages with in your blog, but find it tedious to always have to link them, this is the solution that will help you cut your work by half.   With Simple SEO Link you can choose a word and URL and this plugin will automatically create the link for you.

7 – SEO Smart Link

Continue Reading

The SEO Smart Link is very similar to Simple SEO except that it offers you a little bit of more options than the one above.  Use this Smart SEO Link plugin on your Real Estate Blog, to link to your internal Condo Profile Pages, Inventory, Community Information and better yet associate your website with specific keywords.

SEO Smart Links
SEO Smart Links

8 –  Platinum SEO Plugin

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Platinum SEO Plugin is a variation of the All-In-One SEO Plugin and offers great Search Engine Optimization features for your Real Estate Blog.   It optimizes the Post and Page Title for the search engine, generates all SEO META tags automatically, helps you avoid duplicate content and you can even add page/post level HTML meta like index, noindex, follow or no follow attributes.

9 –  Broken Link Checker

Continue Reading

This plugin will help you ensure that as you write articles and post pages your links are all functional.  It also notifies you on the dashboard when links become broken.   You want to use a plugin like this one at least once a month to ensure you always have all your links fully operational.

10 – SEO Slugs

Continue Reading

When you run a Real Estate Blog you want to have very presentable URLs and make them Search Engine Friendly as well.   This plugin will help you ensure you keep certain words out of your URL and optimize your page/post URL titles.   The Seo Slug Plugin for WordPress is  a good wordpress plugin to install to get the ultimate results you are looking for when it comes to search engine optimization.

Your Real Estate Blog should have at least 8 out of 10 plugins mentioned above to help you Search Engine Optimize your Real Estate Blog and help you stand out amongst your peers.  If you don’t have a Real Estate Blog, contact us and will be happy to help you set one up.

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If you already have a website and you’re not getting the traffic don’t panic!  You should submit your website to the BIG 3 search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) to get started, this will allow the search engines to find you in the world wide web.  Most search engines will naturally find your website when you have other websites that have links to your site, or you have taken the time to include it in Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Activerain, and others, but in case your are just starting to establish your website then you might want to consider submitting the site manually yourself.   

Submitting your website to Google’s Search Engine is the first step but  it does not guarrantee individuals will find your website when they start to search.  For this to happen you might want to look into how you can optimize your website so that Google can find you based on the information you provide or the services you offer to your audience.   We have helped and continuously support our clients on how to optimize and keep content fresh so that the search engines can find your website.

You can check out Google’s Webmaster Site Status to see if they already have your website indexed.  Below are some direct links where you can submit your website to the three major search engines.

Google Search Engine Website Submission URL

MSN Website Submission URL

Yahoo Website Submission URL

Once you have successfully submitted your website to the 3 major search engines, you are on you way to getting recognized on the internet.

The next step will be following Google’s Guidelines for a Website Structure and simple things you can do to keep your website ranked.  We’ll also show you how easy it is to see your competitors website through the eyes of the Google Search Engine,  so that you can be competive enough to become an authority with the content you provide on your website.   After all, you can’t move ahead of your competition unless you know where they are.

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