Find a Schenley Home in Miami

On February 27, 2016

Categories: Press Release, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Website

Recently we launched a series of projects that involved the community of Schenley Park.  Schenley Park Miami is small community with in Miami-Dade County and for a long while we were presented with the challenge of making a website for this community.  This just like any other community with in Miami-Dade is a vibrant community of homes that are located in a area of Miami which offers Residential Owners great opportunities for living close to Downtown Coral Gables.

The community website is a marketing community project to help local residents keep abreast of the homes for sale with in Schenley Park.  While the website offer consumer a way to see residential sales, also available to them is an interactive community map with all the homes with in Schenley Park.

We invite you to see and use the Schenley Park Miami Website and let us know what you think.  Looking forward to the growth of this website and others alike.