A more secure internet with SSL and HTTP/2

On May 24, 2017

Categories: Quick Web Tips, Real Estate Industry Trends, SEO

Considering recent events and the push to make the internet more secure there is a movement on the internet towards making what we use each day more secure than ever before.   The notion of creating a more secure web is not new as we will explain shortly, but what has taken the internet by storm is that now “Google” considers that if you offer consumers a secure website that you deserve some brownie points for making this effort of keeping your customers and their information secure.

So, what is a more secure internet and why you need to act Today more than ever.   When we visit a website i.e. we type on our favorite browsers website_name.com, that connection between your browser and the computer which holds the website you’re visiting is consider to be the unencrypted part in all of this.   Now for a moment one may wonder and say what’s wrong with having an unencrypted connection?    Well not much really, except that to a certain point someone (aka) a computer can see the information traveling back and forth between you and that website.  Now with millions and millions and billions of devices out there you’re pretty much an ant in an Ocean of water, but to someone who cares you are then a target of attack.

What do we mean by an ant in an Ocean.  When information travels from your browser to its destination it must do so through what we call the Word Wide Web.  WWW.   This intricate web of connected computers relay your information from your computer, to another computer, to a router, to another computer to n computers, till it’s destination.   Now while it’s doing this in a very unencrypted way, it leads to the possibility that someone could record this and capture what it’s relaying.    Therefore, companies such as Google and others are giving you brownie points when you take care of your customer’s and offer them a more secure connection between your computer and the website they’re currently visiting, in this case that website would be your secure real estate website.   This is important for you, because it’s not just securing real estate websites here but securing almost any type of website we interact with on the World Wide Web.  Take for example banking.    We are for certain that you would not want to visit your bank’s website unless it offered a secure link between your computer and their computers.

What does it take to make your website secure?   Well in simple terms you need what is known a Certificate or SSL Certificate.   There are various types of certificates but in its simplest form you need what is known as a simple domain validation certificate.   There are other more elaborate, expensive certificates, but at the very least just a simple entry level certificate will do its job of securing the information as it travels from your website to your client’s computer or potential clients’ computer, phone, tablet etc.    There is no need now to invest in super expensive certificates, as they all regardless of price do their job of securing the information, and Google won’t judge your certificate based on price, but rather that you implemented a certificate with the proper standards and achieve a secure link between your website and your client’s computer.

We made a push in 2014 and started to secure our clients websites with certificates ahead of its popularity, Today.   We strongly suggest that you consider implementing SSL certificates on your website in 2017 and don’t leave it for another day.   When you install a certificate make sure you get an evaluation of the quality of the implementation and that you consider doing this regardless of its popularity, but more than anything that it makes simple sense to protect your client’s information regardless of whether they value their privacy or not, but for the sake that it’s common sense to do so Today.