Urban Resource a mobile responsive website adapting to consumers

On October 20, 2014

Categories: HTML/CSS, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Website

We recently did some upgrades and update to our Miami Beach Homes website for Urban Resource.  This was a project that was in need of an update due to technological changes in the industry and specifically we wanted to make the website more relevant to the Mobile Market.   Consumers who are on the move and are looking for a better way of searching and experiencing and consuming a more mobile experience, hence the recent upgrade to Urban Resource.

This was a fun project in which we incorporated all our little tricks into one website.  From a very modern advance menu system that incorporate touch sensitivity from a device, to cleverly showing and displaying to the user what is most relevant information on their device.   Today’s website required us to ensure that the user has a full rich experience no matter the device they use to interact with the website.   If the user wants or needs to consume your website the experience needs to be relevant to them no matter the device they use.  That’s why we made great efforts in ensuring the menu system was as responsive to touch as it was adaptive to the device.

We invite you to visit our Miami Beach Real Estate Office at Urban Resource and experience their brand new website.

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