Swire Properies made an announcement today on SFBJ that plans to begin construction of   $1.05 Billion dollar project known as CitiCentre  and is set to begin in June and expected to generate about 1,700 new jobs for Brickell during it’s construction phase and create more than 3,500 permanent jobs in brickell after it’s scheduled completion in

The project is perhaps one of the biggest projects that will be under development in Brickell.  The CitiCentre is going to be approximately 2.4 million square feet and is twice the size of already existing Dolphin Mall.

CitiCentre will consit of five buildings which include, retail shops, 800 condominium units, 243 hotel rooms, office towers, 93 serviced apartments and an underground parking garage which is schedule to take two years to complete.

This is a very exiting project and if you want to live in heart of Brickell this is perhaps a nice project to jump in when it becomes available.   Pricing for units and availability is not yet available, but if you like to receive this information as soon as it becomes public subscribe to our blog so that you can be notified of this exiting project in Brickell or simply fill out the form below:

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In an effort to increase the tools for our real estate clients, we are happy to have release some new themes for 2012 for our single listing website pages.  The single listing website allows you to easily create a website for any listing.   Creating a single website for a listing is extremely simple with our tools, all you need to provide is an MLS number and all the information is pre-populated for you, thus saving you time.

When we set out to build this project back in 2009, we were thinking about the future and how this tool can help you better market your listings.  Sellers’ love our single listing website because it allows them to see how you market their individual properties.  A typical single listing website includes:  Listing Information – Remarks, Amenities, Year Built, Address, Price, Availability, Photographs, Neighborhood Information, Map Location, Animated Virtual Tours, Social Media Sharing Tools, Your contact Information and much more.   Below is one of our sample screen shots for a single listing page website for 2012.

You can view a sample of a single listing website at singlelistingpage.com.   What’s great about these single listing websites is that they allow you to create your own domain such as 123elmstreet.com.  Having a single listing website will help you in your marketing efforts and keep your sellers happy.  Since importing a listing to a single listing website is extremely simple, we have taken the headaches of managing things.  If the listing is Active in the MLS, we will continue to update the information for you, so that you don’t have to worry.   Even if you don’t have your listing in the MLS you can always use our single listing page tool to create a website for any listing.

If you are a Broker or Agent and would like to use this product head over to singlelistingpage.com and sign-up today.  Our prices are extremely competitive an we offer bulk discounts for brokers who are looking for a single listing website solution for their organization.


One often misconception that individuals have with regards to any online website, is that once it’s live on the internet, that thousand of individuals if not millions of people will flood or view this new website.    While this could potentially be true of any website on the internet, it takes time and goal setting to achieve this kind of success online.  When we talk to our customers and consult with them, we set specific goals with regards to their real estate website and determine what are some realistic goals that can be set to achieve success online.  One technique that we encourage our customers to use is known as SMART.  Smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound – Or Time Specific.

When you decided to build a new real estate website for example, you have to determine what will be the primary use of the website.  Is the website going to be used to complement my business or will you be using the website to bring in business for you.  Which ever the case maybe, you should consider SMART to help you attain your goals.

For example, when building a real estate website and you apply SMART you can do the following to achieve a particular goal:

SPECIFIC – Specific Goal

Create a website that will help me connect with customers who are primarily interested in buying south florida real estate in 25 condo buildings.   Here you have determined that you want a specific type of consumer who is primarily focused on a set of specific condo buildings.   These buildings could be luxury condo buildings, or all waterfront buildings.


I need to ensure that the website will generate me at least 25 good leads a month from these specific 25 condo buildings, which I will be focusing the most.  Here we are setting a goal to reach with the website that is measurable.


Since there is already some competition in the market for some of these condo buildings, I will build specific content for these primarily 25 condo buildings that will get me the qualified leads that I want or need.  Not worrying about so many buildings at the beginning is a good tip because you are more focused on content for the set that you decided you wanted to work with.


By focusing on only the 25 condo buildings in a specific market that have the most potential for a sale or rental I hope to stay relevant.  Sometimes this is also known as the Realistic process too, in which you are being realistic that you will achieve the goal of building the content for the 25 buildings you set out to dominate.


Finally, you need to specify a time period in which you would like to reach the goal you are setting.  Here you can deicide that out of the 25 condo buildings you want to build upon that 15 of them will rank on page one of google within 4 months time.


We are excited to announce that will be working closely with Penthouselife™ — a leader in bringing you exclusive penthouses for sale through out the country.   Penthouselife™.com was created and envisioned by their creators to showcase all the beautiful penthouses throughout the country.

We are pleased to have been brought into the team to help and extend the website even further.   Some of the beautiful interior designs were done by Steven G and they look amazing.  Below are some screenshot of this website and we hope that in collaboration with Penthouselife™ we can take the website further in 2012.

We are happy to have developed in partnership with Decorus Realty a local south florida real estate company with about 60 agents, a website solution for all of their individual agents.  The multi-agent website solution will give all of Decorus Realty’s Agents a competitive edge in the industry.  Decorus Realty will be building upon their existing website and thus giving each and every single one of their agents the tools they will need to succeed in this competitive south florida real estate market.

The website solution gives each one of their agent a complete website package which includes all the major tools used by most consumers Today.   The solution includes:

  • a full brand-able website
  • condo building idx
  • personal blog
  • website membership
  • lead management tools
  • interactive condo floor plans
  • brand-able condo reports and much more.

We are extremely happy with the results of this project and we hope to continue in our relationship with Decorus Realty in building the next great set of tools used by today’s realtors.  If you are Broker and are looking for a similar solution give us a call and let us know how we can help you build a multi-agent real estate website solution that can help your business and your agents.

Below are some screencast images from the project, you can vist Sunny Isles Homes for Sale to find out more about this amazing company.

Brand-able Condo IDX Website Pages

Apogee South Beach Condo Profile

Duplicate content is very serious business in the industry and when it comes to search engine rankings it can mean your site can be left out of the search engine all together.  If you are a new to the world of building a real estate website, be careful you don’t fall in to the trap of copying someone else’s hard work onto your new website.   If you hire a company to do all your content building be careful you are not offered duplicate information from your competitors.

We have many customers and some opt to use our professional services in building them content information for condo buildings while other opt to build the content themselves.  If you take the road of doing the work yourself consider that some of the websites you found with information have been around for many years with such information.  So, if you decide you want to borrow information from their website(s) be careful you don’t duplicate the information onto your website.   By copying someone else’s work onto your website you are essentially giving them more credit to the information they wrote and putting your website in a worst off situation.

Our recommendation is to hire a professional that will guarantee the work to be unique to your website and not duplicated.   If you find that hiring a professional is out of the question, then consider doing the research from various websites and forming your own opinion about the subject matter.   According to Google’s official blog they were able to cut away about 11% of the websites who provide low quality information and duplicate information off the search engine results.  I guess this is good news that there is a low % of users who just out right copy someone else’s work, so don’t fall into the trap of taking the easy way out since you can get potentially penalized by the search engines.

When it comes to advertising there are many different ways in which you can reach your target audience.   One approach that we always encourage our customers to do is to build local real estate content for consumers, but sometimes this can be a challenge for some individuals to accomplish.

If you building local Real Estate content on your website, it will help consumers who are interested in Real Estate in South florida to find your website.    One great example of this is how Amazon.com the worlds largest online retailer, spends monies advertising various products on google.  See the figure below.  You wonder why spend all that monies on advertising when you already at the top of the page?  Well, I believe the answer is quite simple it’s keeping that brand in-front of consumers at all times.   So, if you have a real estate website and you’re thinking why you’re not getting the leads you are seeking, consider other mediums of advertising to get consumers to come to your website.

Google Ad-Words is a great tools for Real Estate Professional who are looking to rank their real estate websites online.   Google’s Ad-Words can help you generate some more leads on your website if you decide to invest a monthly advertising fee.   Remember when it comes to online advertising try to be specific as to the type of lead you’re seeking and always send the consumer to the exact page of information they seek.  ie.  If you want to generate some leads for a specific condo building, take the consumer to the condo building page, the information they seek and not your homepage.   If you’re looking for consumers interested in foreclosures in miami beach, create a nice landing page of MLS data that contains properties that are in foreclosure in miami beach.   This will help you tie in that consumer nicely to the information he or she is seeking online.

The search term used on google was:  Sony Bravia KDL60EX720 – You can clearly see they are at the top of the page and are running advertising campaigns as well on this product.


We are a local company who specializes in real estate website development for real estate professionals.  We build and develop software and online websites for individual realtors and brokers.

Categories: Real Estate Marketing

When it comes to real estate image seems to be everything and above all things it’s seems to be extremely important to some realtors.  If branding and image is your thing you may consider creating yourself your own unique brand awareness.  Take the time to select the right image that you want to project with your customers and build upon that image.  Remember that it takes a long while to establish a brand with customers and it’s often the result of many years of making yourself aware to these potential clients.    So, if you don’t have an image or brand established you may consider tools like logotournament.com.

We tell all of our customers who are interested in building their own brand to use sites like logotournament.com to build a brand or image.   The site is extremely simple to use,  You basically have to do 3 things as the website suggest.  You set a price you are willing to pay for an image/logo and then you get designers to submit ideas for your brand.  You often get more designs than you know what to do with, but that’s besides the point.   After all suggestions have been presented to you, you then get to pick a winner from the tournament.  While the tournament is going on, you get to provide feedback to the hundreds of designers as to the style, color and layout of your logo.   This makes the building of your brand more fun and interactive.   So, if you’re a realtor looking to establish an image on your website we suggest you check out logotournament.com and start building your brand.

Once you have a brand and image established, let us know how we can expand and build upon your logo to build your real estate website.  Below are some samples logos from the real estate section of logotournament.com

Condo Building Profiles PDF Reports

Mar 22, 2012 by GOIDX LLC

We are always creating exciting products and solutions for our customers at GOIDX.

We are happy in the development of some nice PDF reports that allow Realtors and Consumers to easily get a snap shot of condominiums throughout South Florida.   These interactive condo reports are valuable in that it easily allows Realtors and consumers to email, print and share information with ease.

Each report contains a fully branded cover page, images for a specific building, google maps, general information about the building with it’s features and amenities and finally available units for sale and available units for rent.

You can check out these nice Condo Reports on decorusrealty.com.   Below is a sample screen cast of these condo reports.

Cover Page

All Images pertaining to condo building with MAP Location.

General Condo Building information and Amenities.

All Available Condo Units for Sale.

All Available Rentals for Condo Building.

Welcome to your new dashboard – Goidx is happy to have upgraded and enhanced the goidx backend tools to make it much easier and more fun to administer our real estate websites.

The new dashboard includes some new applications to help you with your current business, including a campaign manager for sending and receiving brochures with MLS information in them.   You can take these brochures and integrate them into third party delivery systems such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact.  We also have added and enhanced the lead management system to connect leads to drip marketing campaigns further helping you market to individuals in a much easier and efficient way.   Finally, we open a new reporting management tool to give you metrics and information to help you get a bird’s eye view of individual website performance with respect to individual listings, condo buildings, mls searches and more.

The new dashboard is now live and we hope you take advantage of these great tools that are included as part of the GOIDX platform of products and services.

Goidx Real Estate Dashboard
Goidx Real Estate Dashboard