Snap a simple picture of a Quick Response (QR) Bar Code and you will given lots of information instantly on your mobile phone.   This is exactly what we did for one local South Florida Real Estate Company who is thinking ahead of it’s competitors.   In order to use the QR code you need a reader to scan the image of the QR code and bring up the text and information that is embedded in this 2D dimensional image.   There are several applications out there and if you do a quick search on the Apple store if you are caught with an Iphone you will gets lots of QR Readers for your iphone.   I use one called QRReader and it’s completely free.   If you own an Android OS based phone, chances are you already have the QR code reader already installed.  Blackberry users who are running version 5.0 or newer can scan QR codes through the Messenger menu, simply select “Scan a Group Barcode”.

You can download my contact information quickly below by snapping a picture of my QR image below.   If you are interested in building aContinue Reading that you can place on your business card or your brochures.

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One of the goals of any website is to attain website traffic.   This goal is often achieve with a little bit of hard work and search engine optimization.  I tend to believe that it’s a lot of hard work to achieve search engine ranking, but if done with the sole intention of truly helping someone find an answer then it’s no hard work at all, all you need is a little time to do your search engine optimization yourself or pay someone to help you.

A Brief History of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engines

When you look at the History of Search Engine Optimization and Search engines in general we are looking at a very short history of about 15 so years.   Search Engine Optimization to me, is a simple science and I believe no one fully understands how a search engine works more so than the person who created it.   Search Engine Optimization companies guess what the big search engines companies are doing and what they’re doing to rank your website pages.  I do believe some companies have guessed certain aspects of what makes a web page rank and how they’re able to attain your rankings, but they will always be at war with the search engines to determine what things work or don’t work when it comes to ranking.

Theories of Search Behavior and how they are applied to Search Engine Optimization

There are some Theories out there that are applied to search behavior and they include:

Zipf’s Law

  • Which essentially states that the specificity of any word is inversely proportional to its rank on a frequency table.  for example a word used often is a broader more common words vs a word used less often is a narrower more specific word.

Pareto’s Principal:

  • Also known as the 80/20 Rule.  Basically this rule states that 80% of the work is produced by 20% of your employees.

The Long Tail: –

  • explained how a small portion of very popular products generate a sizable income; however, a large portion of semi popular products generate small amounts of income that when added together can be equal to or larger than the income generated by the very popular products

Of all the theories the one that makes sense for Real Estate Search Engine Optimization is the “The Long Tail” – Simply stated as a Realtor you should focus on other search terms that the user may be searching for besides the broad picture.   For example, A user may begin searching for  “Miami Beach Rentals” and end up with a more specific search term like  “Akoya Miami Beach Rental” – Here the user is more interested and knows more or less where he or she would like to rent.  Another example could be that you offer the consumer information about the surrounding of a particular community or area of town.   Talking about schools, Parks, gyms, groceries stores and coffee shops nearby this particular area.   ie. the consumer maybe more interested in a particular area based on what is available to this individual more so than the neighborhood itself.

Continue Reading

We suggest you focus on the Long Tail Theory when it comes to search engine optimization simply because we feel your buyer is further down the purchasing decision process.  The buyer is now narrowing in and seeking that specific rental in a specific building and would probably yield a more profitable individual than someone who is just beginning to search.  Yes, you would ideally want  search engine traffic from the broad head but the long tail search is more specific to what the consumer is narrowing in on.

Tools Available for Search Engine Optimization and Ranking

There are hundreds if not by now thousands of tools to analyze, study, take apart any website to determine how they rank or can rank better with the search engine.   One of my favorite tools are simple in understanding and helping you give you a sense of direction when it comes to search engine optimization of your real estate website.

  1. Google Keyword Tool – Use this tool to seek out what search terms are getting searched and how often they’re getting searched.    This will help you focus on the words you should incorporate into your website and the types of articles you should be discussing on your blog.   Yes, you can talk about anything on the web, but if you talk about what people are searching then you will likely rank on the search engine.
  2. Google’s Insight Tool – This is another handy tool, because it gives you a way to compare search volume patterns across specific areas, topics, time frames and properties.  It’s great because you can see geographically what types of searches your customer are performing and how much.  You can focus your real estate website with all it’s many languages on those regions who are searching for you.  English vs Spanish.
  3. Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising – I always encourage advertising on search terms that are searches but are not as popular as the broad search terms.  A popular search term will yield you some traffic, but this individual is not so much ready to buy.  ie. Advertise on “Akoya Miami Beach Rental” vs.  “Akoya Miami Beach”.   The more specific one will give bring you a customer who is now more specific as to where he/she would like to rent.
  4. Key Word Density Analyzer – Often you have to emphasize the objective of your page.  This is often a balance of use of the keywords to re-in-force that your Search Engine Optimization of that specific keyword needs to be stated in the body or the content of the article.

Real Estate Marketing Search Engine Tips and Tricks

  • Register your domain for a period of 5 – 10 Years. (If you plan to be in this business for a long time, let Google and other knows you’re in it for the long run)
  • Use Your companies resources to create meaningful links back to your website.  By this I mean fill out your Real Estate Profile page wherever you can with links back to your main website.
  • Create Blog Entries of your own listings before they are to appear in the MLS.  – This will send the message to all the search engines that you were the first to discuss or talk about your particular listing.  Remember you are in direct competition with just about any real estate website out there, so be the first to leak out this information :)
  • Build Specific Search Engine Optimization goals and Objectives – Always think about the long tail and focus on specific search terms and not so much on the broad terms.
    • Set specific short terms goals of 3 – 6 months.
    • Set up a Marketing Plan that allows you to focus on your goals and break them down into easily manageable tasks:
      • 1st Month – Do one article in my blog a week for the next month.  (4 Articles)
      • 2nd Month – Will incorporate my knowledge of a specific geographical region into the site (Neighborhoods, Community Information)  (4 Articles)
      • 3rd Month – Write about specific buildings (4 Building Writeup)
    • The ideal number of articles/pages you can produce in a given week is around 3.   This is the magic number of articles you should try to focus on producing each week on your website.
  • Seek Professional Help – The few things we ever admit is that we need help and often times this is probably the best thing you can do to achieve your goals.   You are ultimately the only person who knows if you have time to dedicate to your search engine optimization on the website.

When it comes to Search Engine optimization,  none one really knows the answer.  It’s kind of like that question that everyone has a different view point – What’s the meaning of life?.  – But will leave that other question for another day.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s often referred to is a science and all the SEO companies  try to do their best job at guessing what the search engine is doing to rank your website and your pages.   I believe that with a little bit of time each day or each week you can achieve the same goals yourself.  Not all of us have this luxury of time, so sometimes it’s probably best to hire someone to write you the content or help you build your website.  We help some of our customers and build content for them, so you can focus on selling.

You can apply the principals of the long tail to your content to help you bring in a more determined consumer who is ready to purchase versus someone who is just beginning to search.  We often don’t think of those other terms that are searched as valuable traffic, but those terms often generate as much profit as the broader terms when you add it all together.   Remember the goal of your website is always to get as much traffic as it can so that you can then have more opportunities to offer your real estate services to these individuals.

If you would like to learn more or attend our monthly seminars online I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.

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If you have been waiting to get a real estate website solution for yourself or the company you have been waiting too long.   The pace at which information is changing and how the industry is moving could mean you are falling behind if you have not jumped in yet.   What do I mean by jump in?  The answer is extremely simple, you need to have a presence online so that your Real Estate clients can find your Real Estate website online.   Consumers are quickly jumping online the minute they need to research or find out what’s the price or better yet if now is the right time to buy Real Estate.

I ask my customers all the time.  How much time do you spend marketing yourself or your brokerage online each week or month?.  I am surprised by their answers most of the time,  little to no time at all.    I always recommend all my clients to start marketing yourself or your company, even if you don’t select us to build you a great Real Estate solution or help you in your Professional Real Estate Career.

Below are some suggestions of the things you can do until you are ready to use our products and services:

  1. Register a domain name.   You can get a name for less than $7 dollars a year now in days.    Registration of a  Domain names will give your Real Estate website a head start.  Google looks at the history of a registration as points for Real Estate Search Engine optimization, think of it as having an office in space that has been open for many years.   (Register a domain)
  2. Sign up for Social Media Account – We hear about Twitter everywhere we go Today.  Conan O’Brian, ESPN, CNN and other main stream media not only use them as an effective means of communication but also promote them. is another big name.   Even if you don’t have the time to use these products now,  sign up for an account and reserve your presence so when you’re ready you already have a head start.
    1. Facebook Sign up page)
    2. Twitter Sign up page
    3. LinkedIn Professional Networking
    4. Real Estate Networking Site
    5. YouTube Video Marketing
    6. Yelp Social

    Ask us how you can be more connected with your customers and effectively market yourself or your Real Estate Brokerage firm online.

  3. Search Engine Accounts – Create yourself an online presence with the major search engines.   If you have an email address you can sign up for an account with the major search engines to utilize their tools to better position yourself online.   Google Offers lots of great tools that can help you on your way to creating an line presence.
  4. Devise an Effective Marketing Plan –  We often tell our customers to create a Marketing Strategy and implement it.   The most successful online real estate websites have some form of Marketing plan in place for their website.   The Marketing plan does not have to be complicated and can be as simple as dedicating 1 hour a week to writing a blog on your website or any of the Social Media sites mentioned above.
  5. Location! Location! Location! – You understand that Real Estate is about location, we understand that Real Estate websites are also local.   We always advise our clients to “specialize” or “create a niche website”.    Google will favor websites that have a niche and can offer the local market the information it wants and needs.   If you search for a plumber on google, it’s smart  enough to direct you to your local candidate,  so  you have to think local when it comes to online Real Estate Websites you are on the right path to success.
  6. Get a starting website or blog – We offer an array of different products to suits everyone’s need including an excellent starter website  that includes all the features a website should have without a heavy price tag.  We even offer a Continue Reading if you are looking to replace or enhance an existing Real Estate Website you may already have but is not performing like you like it to.   We also offer a full fledged Real Estate website that includes the most comprehensive tools available to any Realtor or Real Estate firm that wants to establish market dominance.
  7. Hire a Professional who understands your business – I have seen customers of ours who get burned when they find any company that can build websites, to quickly find out that they have to spend hours, days and months explaining industry terms and concepts like what an MLS is.    We love what we do and understand your professional real estate career so we can give you the competitive advantage over your fellow Realtor.   Contact us for aContinue Reading or quote.

This was an interesting application of a healthy application for the Miami Folks.    We helped implement Walk Score on Miami Condo Investments for one of our clients an application that helps to promote Neighborhood Walking.   This application was a perfect match for his condo buildings and listing information.

Walk Score is a healthy application because it helps to promote good health to individuals who are looking to live in around a place where they can walk to restaurants, coffee shops, books stores, supermarkets and so on.   This is also a very green application since residents who find a place to live where they can walk to various different locations would probably tend to drive less.   Below is an example of what is near and around 500 Brickell a local condo building in this Miami Real Estate Market.

I invite you to check out the application if you live in Miami or plan to move to this beautiful city.   If this is something you think you can use on your website give us a call and will be happy to add value to your website, with applications like this one or others.

To see this live visit


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One of the advantages of getting a Real Estate Website or Condo IDX solution with us is flexibility.   Creating a Condo IDX Website is just a matter of minutes and we have all the tools necessary for you to get started today!   What makes us unique is that we help you launch a Real Estate Website or Condo IDX website in minutes not months or weeks.   How do we accomplish such rapid deployments of your next Condo IDX website?  The answer is quite simple.

3 Simple steps in launching your next Condo IDX Website.

1.  Decide the areas you are interested in working in.

We provide a simple tool to allow you to choose which cities you would like your users to search.  This saves you time and gives you great flexibility in your deployment of your MLS IDX.  The tool allows you to only showcase those cities you are interested in!.


2.  Establish Your Condo IDX Communities.

Our Condo IDX Communities are groupings of how you would like to group your condo buildings.   You come up with the way you want to group the buildings and then simply populate these areas its that simple!!   We provide you the information, all you have to do is pick them! The communities can be sorted in any which way you like and featured throughout our various tools and widgets which accompany your website.


3. Choose the buildings you want to represent.

We have a database of about 5,000 condo buildings which have been pre-populated with common information to save you time!  We realize that your number one job is to be a Realtor and not be spending hours, days or months populating general facts about a building.   All you have to do is decide which buildings you want to showcase.

All of our Condo IDX Buildings come with the following Items to save you time:

  • Common Community Building Photos.
  • General Facts about the Building
  • Live Upto the minute facts of what’s available for Rent or Sale.
  • Recent Sales or Rent History
  • Google Streetview Technology and Street Maps where available.
  • Information about the building.
  • Front end editors to allow you to easily add content.
  • Tools that allow you to replace images from our Condo Photo Buckets!

Don’t wait any longer!  Ask us how we can help you build your own Condo IDX project. Continue Reading and don’t loose anymore time or business!

Select the Buildings you want!  it’s that simple!


The Final Step is You!

You seen how simple it is and all that is required to have your Condo IDX Website.    The next step is for you to jump in and start getting a piece of your Real Estate Bubble.    If you would like to see a live demo of this simply give us a call (305) 479-2994 and will be happy to show you how simple this really is.   We have help generate over 30,000  leads in 2009! for our customers  and it’s only growing! so don’t wait any longer to get some business for yourself as well.

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In an increasing competitive Real Estate Blog web sphere how do you set your Real Estate Blog aside from the pack?  We have some suggestions that will help you increase your traffic and help you set your Real Estate Blog Site apart from the rest of the crowd.  These WordPress Plugins can help you better manage your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.   By better managing and installing these Search Engine WordPress plugins you can help your website generate more traffic and increase your presence online.

1. All-In-One SEO PackContinue Reading

This is a one of the most widely used SEO Plugin for your WordPress, it allows you to control the meta descriptions and page titles.   The All In One SEO Pack includes the most efficient SEO plugins that enable you to perform most SEO operations needed to better help Rank your Real Estate Articles.   Some of the key features of this plugin include canonical URLs, Automatic Title Optimization for the search engines and Meta Tag generation to name a few.  Give this one a try and it will go a long way in helping your Real Estate Blog Rank just as high as others.

All In One SEO Screenshot
All In One SEO Screenshot

2.  Google XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress

Continue Reading

This is a great plugin to help you connect with Google and their webmaster tool.    This plugin generates a special XML file that is used by Google to prioritize the relevant pages against all the other pages they index from your site.  All Major Search engines read a sitemap XML file and this Google XML Sitemap supports pretty much all the search engines.

Google Sitemap XML
Google Sitemap XML

3 – Friendly SEO Images

Continue Reading

Search Engine Friendly Images are images which have proper labels and attributes that describe the image.  Google reads this information to better understand what the image is about.  Remember that the web is also surfed by individuals who can’t see and the ALT attribute helps to describe to these users what the image is all about.

4 – Redirection of all Old Articles.

Continue Reading

WordPress Redirection plugin will help ensure that your transition from one version of WordPress to another is invisible to your end users so that in the event you rename an existing page on your site, your users are directed to the appropriate page.   When Google indexes or stores a copy of your page on their servers and you happen to rename your page, they will have a hard time sending the user to the original page, this is where this plugin helps to ensure your usesr always find the page.


5 – Robot Meta

Continue Reading

Robot Meta can be used on your Real Estate Blog to ensure the search engine only Indexes (Stores) pages and information you have made public.  The Robot Meta is also a great way to prevent the search engine from indexing duplicate content on your website by preventing the indexing of tag pages, category pages and author pages.

6 – Simple SEO Links

Continue Reading

There are times in which you want to link the user to internal pages with in your blog, but find it tedious to always have to link them, this is the solution that will help you cut your work by half.   With Simple SEO Link you can choose a word and URL and this plugin will automatically create the link for you.

7 – SEO Smart Link

Continue Reading

The SEO Smart Link is very similar to Simple SEO except that it offers you a little bit of more options than the one above.  Use this Smart SEO Link plugin on your Real Estate Blog, to link to your internal Condo Profile Pages, Inventory, Community Information and better yet associate your website with specific keywords.

SEO Smart Links
SEO Smart Links

8 –  Platinum SEO Plugin

Continue Reading

Platinum SEO Plugin is a variation of the All-In-One SEO Plugin and offers great Search Engine Optimization features for your Real Estate Blog.   It optimizes the Post and Page Title for the search engine, generates all SEO META tags automatically, helps you avoid duplicate content and you can even add page/post level HTML meta like index, noindex, follow or no follow attributes.

9 –  Broken Link Checker

Continue Reading

This plugin will help you ensure that as you write articles and post pages your links are all functional.  It also notifies you on the dashboard when links become broken.   You want to use a plugin like this one at least once a month to ensure you always have all your links fully operational.

10 – SEO Slugs

Continue Reading

When you run a Real Estate Blog you want to have very presentable URLs and make them Search Engine Friendly as well.   This plugin will help you ensure you keep certain words out of your URL and optimize your page/post URL titles.   The Seo Slug Plugin for WordPress is  a good wordpress plugin to install to get the ultimate results you are looking for when it comes to search engine optimization.

Your Real Estate Blog should have at least 8 out of 10 plugins mentioned above to help you Search Engine Optimize your Real Estate Blog and help you stand out amongst your peers.  If you don’t have a Real Estate Blog, contact us and will be happy to help you set one up.

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Did you ever wanted to search the multiple listing services by drawing a shape on a map?  One of our latest feature for our Real Estate Websites was the release of finding properties on a map by drawing a shape on a map.  This new feature allows your clients to have full control of their real estate search experience.

You can draw a perfect square, a polygon, a hexagon or any shape you like and will plot points for all the listings that fall with in this shape.  This gives your users the flexibility to find a properties by a neighborhood, or perhaps find listings along a specific block or street.  You can view this new feature live by visiting this interactive  Real Estate Map Search feature on one of our Weston Real Estate Website.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us help you get this kind of functionality for your clients to use.

The map search function will also allow the user to specify a search criteria to narrow their search with in the shape.  For example your users can determine if they just want to see condos with in a specified region or specify a specific price range or better yet which features the listing should have.  The search parameters are customized to your preference and what you feel you want your users to be able to search by.  You can even filter the search for Bank Owned Properties or Listings which are in a Foreclosure status.

Don’t hesitate and wait any longer and give your clients what they need to search in Today competitive Real Estate Market!  Call us for a free consultation and will be happy to help you get these tools which are most valuable for your clients.

Office: 305 479 2994 or info [at]
Search Listing by Drawing on a MAP

Continue Reading
Interactive map search by Drawing a shape on MAP

 All of our Real Estate websites help you establish a way to control and help consumers with the information they need from you to most effectively service their needs.  goIDX, has integrated a free to use Real Estate Lead Management System to help you keep track of your website leads.  

The lead mangement software will help you determine how long ago a client request came in, what was the MLS listing they were interested and most importantly help you get back to your clients as quickly as possible.  We understand the importance of handling multiple of request and help you priotize and determine which client of yours needs the quickest response to their request.   Our system is so easy to use that you will wonder how you ever got along with out a lead manager for you website before.   

Some of the things that you can do with a lead that enters your website is the following:

Lead Details

  • Priotize the leads by how old they are.
  • Establish if a consumer had multiple request and effectively answer their questions.
  • Classify a lead from the minute it is sent to you (New, Contacted, Qualified, Dead, Pending)!
  • Take Notes when you speak with a client 
  • Determine how effective your Online Marketing is.
  • Track leads by day, month, Year
  • Performance Metrics to help you determine your lead convertion rate.
  • Export the Data so that you most effectively get the most of out of your leads.
  • and much more!


The tool was designed with the consumer in mind and with your professional skills to help you manage all this without adding any extra work.  Ask us for a free demonstration and will be happy to show you how easy it is to manage, track and qualify your Real Estate Leads

Lead Manager Dashboard

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Real Estate Condo Market Trends

Feb 17, 2009 by GOIDX LLC

I’m happy to announce that we have a product for Real Estate Agents and Investors to analyze and view Market Trend Statistics on all South Florida Condo Buildings and the Surrounding communities in South Florida.   The tool has historical data for closed transactions that took place in the MLS from 2005 to the present.   The tool is in its final stages of Beta testing and should launch to the public in the next couple of days.  If you are interested in helping us develop this tool and you would like to use it for presentations with your sellers or buyers please drop us a note and will be happy to sign you up for our Beta program (Continue Reading).

The Condo Market Trend tool will allow individuals to filter the information by Prices, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Area and much more!.   We have closely integrated the tool with our condo building profile pages to provide consumers with valuable information regarding the history of a particular building.   This means visitors to your website can find out about a building and then view our condo trend graphs at the same time.   The tool is also closely integrated with single family homes and Rentals in the South Florida Community.  You can also compare and evaluate a particular building to another and see how they both compare historically with sales, average listing and selling prices, median, average price per square feet, month of inventory in a particular condo building and much more.  We also took a step further and allow individuals who use our data to pick and choose which reports they want to present to individuals on their website.   If you think this is a tool you like to use and have please contact us as we would be happy to allow you to beta test the product.

To sign up for the Condo Market Trend Program please contact 
Continue Reading

Condo Market Trend Reports

If you are a Broker and would like us to Condo Trend your market let us know and you can use our technology to help you in your market.

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If you already have a website and you’re not getting the traffic don’t panic!  You should submit your website to the BIG 3 search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) to get started, this will allow the search engines to find you in the world wide web.  Most search engines will naturally find your website when you have other websites that have links to your site, or you have taken the time to include it in Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Activerain, and others, but in case your are just starting to establish your website then you might want to consider submitting the site manually yourself.   

Submitting your website to Google’s Search Engine is the first step but  it does not guarrantee individuals will find your website when they start to search.  For this to happen you might want to look into how you can optimize your website so that Google can find you based on the information you provide or the services you offer to your audience.   We have helped and continuously support our clients on how to optimize and keep content fresh so that the search engines can find your website.

You can check out Google’s Webmaster Site Status to see if they already have your website indexed.  Below are some direct links where you can submit your website to the three major search engines.

Google Search Engine Website Submission URL

MSN Website Submission URL

Yahoo Website Submission URL

Once you have successfully submitted your website to the 3 major search engines, you are on you way to getting recognized on the internet.

The next step will be following Google’s Guidelines for a Website Structure and simple things you can do to keep your website ranked.  We’ll also show you how easy it is to see your competitors website through the eyes of the Google Search Engine,  so that you can be competive enough to become an authority with the content you provide on your website.   After all, you can’t move ahead of your competition unless you know where they are.

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