Condo Building IDX Products and Services

With goIDX easy to use tools you can create building profiles in minutes and provide your clients with valuable information. Our Condo Profile tool lets you quickly create a building Description, Building Amenities, add unlimited building photos, and much more.

If you don't have the time let one of our local experts do the research for you and write all the content, you just tell us which buildings are important to you and will handle the rest.

Building Descriptions

Fully interactive search capabilities through the use of maps.

Multiple Amenities

Easy to follow results through our condo idx solutions.

Google Map and Sreet View

Mobile websites for mobile customers who are searching on the GO.

Unlimited Photos

GPS enabled mobile devices, searching through location based services.

Available Sales, Rentals & Closed

Facebook Integrated products that allow your social media tech savy customers to search on their terms.

Search Engine Optimized

Organizable MLS data through our condo idx solutions showcasing buildings in a particular area.

Condo Building Enhancements and Features.

Our product offers several ways your customers can search the mls. One method is the use of a standard website form, in which customers fill in the required criteria and results are given to them.

We believe this is the old method of searching the mls, we hardly recommend this method instead we recommend more modern ways of searching the mls as described below:

We employed all the method mentioned in our solutions to help you reach a larger more distributed demographic of individuals who are tech savy to more traditional.

Condos in an Area

With our easy to use condo display of condos by area, your customers can easily find and access the right building. The Condos by Area Page allows you to create any condo area and logically group your buildings. You can create groups by city locations ie. Brickell Condos, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, or be Creative and group your buildings as Luxury Miami Condo Building. With the condos by Area page your customers can easily find the right building right away.

If you are an Agent or Brokerage who primarily works with condo buyers this a product you definitely need to be using in Today's market. To learn more about condo idx visit our product tour information page.

View a list of available condos

Condo Photo Gallery and Building Details

All of your condo buildings are ready to go and ready to save you time. The condo buildings include amenities images to display the most important features of any building.

You can easily add more images, replace the existing images using our Condo Photo Bucket to give any of Condo Building the right representation for your customers.

Sales and Rentals Tables for Sale

We know how important it is for your customers to easily and quickly find the right information for each of your condo buildings. This is why we have made easy to display grids of what's available for sale in a particular building or what is available for rent.

The grid can be customized to include the right data for your customers.

Most Recent Sales and Rentals.

We know some of your customers need to know what recently sold in a particular building or what was the last rental price for a particular unit. Available with some of our Website packages are the Recent Sales Data.

This information is valuable for your customers to easily and quickly do an analysis of what is a fair market value for their unit that is for sale or rent. Find out how this can be added on to your website time to concentrate on selling than managing listings on their website

Condo Map Location in Different Views

What good is a particular building if your customers can't see where it's actually located in a geographical area? Our tool will plot the location on a Google Map for you and show your customers the current location of this particular building. If Google Street View is available that will also be suggested to the customer as well to view.

Goidx is the solution you need

Think it would take you hours of work to build custom, ready-to-use, condo-inventory pages? Our Tools will make life easier, as you will be able to quickly and easily put profiles of the buildings you work in on your website. Use our extensive library of condos to build your farm areas and attract the clients you need to successfully show them what's available in the South Florida Condo Market.

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