Real Estate Website Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

We understand that you need to provide your customers with the best possible experience when it comes to Real Estate Service. At goIDX, we offer a broad range of products that will help you keep your existing customers happy and bring you new clients who will appreciate the tools in Real Estate Technology that you have to offer.

Every single website we build utilizes some if not all the features described below. The same techniques employed by 3rd party professional are all available to you at your finger tips and we offer easy to follow guides so that you can get the most out of your website. We strongly recommend if you're novice to SEO that you seek professional help in optimizing your website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Packed with Features

Easily manage and optimize your website's meta information for maximum SEO benefits.

Tons of Components

Add any, fast and easy

Dozens of reusable components built to provide dropdowns, navigation, alerts, popovers and much more.

MLS IDX Integration Tools

We are a leading provider of tools and solutions that consumers use in Today's Digital world of Real Estate. We offer a wide range of products and solutions to help you market your self and grow your business. Our solutions are custom tailor to fit your individual need and only the solutions that make sense for your business goals are recommended.

We have been developing Real Estate Solution software packages for well for 15 years now and know that we have the solution(s) you seek to better your business Today.

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Searchable Indexable MLS

If you do nothing, but get a website ensure that the MLS data is at least indexable to your website. We are company who offers a fully indexable MLS directly with your website domain. We do no frame, iframe, sub-domain the MLS or Template any of our customer websites. Having an indexable MLS on your website will guarrantee that you would at least get some leads based on MLS data even if you do nothing except purchase our product.

We also want to make sure you are your own unique brand and not a copy of your competitors websites.

Map Search

Fully interactive search capabilities through the use of maps.

Condo IDX

Easy to follow results through our condo idx solutions.



Mobile websites for mobile customers who are searching on the GO.

Geolocation GPS

GPS enabled mobile devices, searching through location based services.

Facebook MLS Search

Facebook Integrated products that allow your social media tech savy customers to search on their terms.

Local Searches

Organizable MLS data through our condo idx solutions showcasing buildings in a particular area.

Modern Search Capabilities and Social Media Integration.

Our product offers several ways your customers can search the mls. One method is the use of a standard website form, in which customers fill in the required criteria and results are given to them.

We believe this is the old method of searching the mls, we hardly recommend this method instead we recommend more modern ways of searching the mls as described below:

We employed all the method mentioned in our solutions to help you reach a larger more distributed demographic of individuals who are tech savy to more traditional.

Condo IDX Solutions

With goIDX easy to use condo idx, you can easily and quickly begin to showcase to your customers inventory for a specific condo building. Our proven technology has been developed over the past 15 years so that you can showcase to your customers available units for sale and rental information for a specific condo building in south florida.

If you are an Agent or Brokerage who primarily works with condo buyers this a product you definitely need to be using in Today's market. To learn more about condo idx visit our product tour information page.

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Condo IDX Features and Product

Customer Focus Products and Solutions

Keep your clients informed of the newest listings that have hit the market. With our custom new-listing notification, your customers and new clients can sign up on your website to get the latest listings as they come on the market. We made this new listing tool fully brandable so that if your clients wish to contact or ask questions about these new listings, you are just a phone call away.

Visit one of our customized real estate websites´┐Żand see how others are using this great tool to keep their clients connected.

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Real Estate Blog tightly integrated with IDX.

All of our websites include a blog to help you build content over time, and to help you get new leads and opportunities. We understand this new venue very well and know the power it has to help you build your business. This technology is a must and essential to all websites today and should not be left out when considering a new website.

If you're not talking through your website, you could be left behind by your competitors. Take advantage of our website solutions as they include a blog engine free of charge.

Blog Integration with Real Estate

Real Estate Listing Manager to enhance listings further.

You have sellers to impress and obtain new listings, our listing manager is highly integrated with IDX that our customers are given more time to concentrate on selling than managing listings on their website.

The listing manager is all automated but each one of your listings can be further enhanced for extra exposure -- with additional images, remarks, single listing websites, 10 PDF brochures and email marketing.