Condo Floor Plan Packages for Condo Buildings

Our interactive condo floor plan models allow consumers to view floorplan details for each unit in a particular building. To see the list of all available floorplans we have at GOIDX LLC see our list of floorplan ready buildings.

Floorplans Options in your Website

Once we have activated the floorplans for you, the floorplans option will appear on the building by area list. You will have the link that appears in the bottom middle of the right box where your sales and rentals are. For the buildings which we do not have floorplans for, that link will not appear.

We Offer a Complete Interactive Library of Plans in Our Condos.

We offer a large amount of interactive condo floorplans with high quality PDF’s with all the detail information from the units. Each of them with their own characteristic in style. Different combination of color coded for the different type of floorplans available for the condo buildings.

Select Your Favorite Section to View the Floorplan.

You can select your favorite unit depending on the location of the condo to view the details about the floorplans. Each of them are color coded differently depending on what condo floorplan it belongs to. Depending on the clients needs, some of them like the coner ocean view condos. Others like the middle of the condo building, again it depends on what the client is interested in.

Two viewing formats

All the floorplans are available in two different formats. You have them in JPEG version or you have them in PDF version. They are both high quality formats available from those condos buildings that are available from our data base.