Real Estate Design Strategy

You would not want an Architect to build you a house without some form a blueprint and you should definitely not build a website without a strategic designer first. Having a strategic design in place will help you start on the right direction of building a strong competitive advantage before you even launch the website.

There are some important things you need to decide on before we begging your first design:

  • Determine a primary goal of your website. You are either looking to provide information to attain new customer or you’re providing your current customers tools, which they can use to help you determine their real needs.
  • Decide on the Image you are trying to convey. If you’re primary customers are renters you may want to just provide them with the raw data; if you are selling a luxury high-end customer you may want a “classy” look and feel.
  • We help you target and identify your audience. A real estate website appeals to certain demographics and target audience. A foreign buyer needs a different style than your typical local buyer. Usability of the website as well is a big factor for older and less technically savvy individuals.
  • Designers and certain template websites tend to miss the goals of a websites brand image and implement trends without disregard to feel and emotion. We ensure we think about the color and feeling and the emotion you are trying to achieve with your consumer.
  • Measure results once we launch your website. This is perhaps an important step as the first few because until you see the results of the design you won't know weather or not you have an effective design and website that achieves your goals.

The strategic design selected for your website will go a long way in helping you establish yourself amongst your peers. The final purpose of the design strategy is to achieve specific goals with your website, but is quite simple to loose track of your goals and end up with something that is pretty but ultimately does not work as expected. A strategic design is just one of the many things we provide at GOIDX so that you reach your specific goals. Talk to one of our sales specialist today to learn how we can formulate the right strategic design for your specific goals.

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