Real Estate Search Engine Tool Box

One of the most important things when it comes to real estate websites is Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it's often referred to. While there are several different approaches to SEO we at GOIDX offer you a nice set of tools to allow you easily optimize your very own website or hire any 3rd party professional to participate in the process.

Every single website we build utilizes some if not all the features described below. The same techniques employed by 3rd party professional are all available to you at your finger tips and we offer easy to follow guides so that you can get the most out of your website. We strongly recommend if you're novice to SEO that you seek professional help in optimizing your website.


Google Webmaster Tools

Built directly into every website

Transparent tools to help you rank your website on Google's Search Engine.


Meta Tag all your pages

Easily Modify your web pages meta-tag information

Easy to use tools make it easy for your or any third party vendor to meta tag your website pages.

Google Webmaster Tools

When we build a website we just don't only ensure we put our best quality work forward, but we also ensure that we connect your website with industry leading tools as well. We ensure that all your websites are connected with Google Webmaster Tools -- allowing you to view your website performance from the very begining.

We go further and extend and use Google's Analytics so that you view metrics as well on your website performance to know whom, what, when, and where your customers are participating on your site. All information collected is general website performance metrics and in no way collects personal identifiable information.

Meta Page Search Engine on Every Page

We offer and give you the ability to optimize live page meta information per pages on your website thus making it easy for you to optimize your page titles on your pages, page descriptions and page keywords. This is at heart the most basic thing that most Professional SEO companies correct and spend a great deal of time on.

This is available to you at no cost and can be used by you or any Professional 3rd party vendor who will be helping you along the process in Optimizing your website.

Page Titles

Alter and modify the most important aspect of all your pages - Page Titles.

HTML Descriptions

Easily enter and expand your pages descriptions to better rank on any search engine.

In-Page Meta Optimization

Place content where it matters the most, on the body of every page. We support any language as well

Permalink URL

We don't duplicate or give you the same website, we make it unique so that you have any chance of success with any search engine.

Optimization of your individual permalink pages all included

All your pages on the website are customized and optimized with each individual permalink URL. These will help improve your chances of getting more leads and exposure with any search engine. As a standard feature of the website all HTML pages are optimized and tailored to your individual goals. In essence the website is enhanced to help you market and concentrate in the areas you care most about.

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